First time grower potential bug problem!

Yeah lady bugs are great for eating pests. There is a downside though for use inside, I find they like to crawl on the fans and get destroyed or run out of food and die and then have dead lady bugs and body parts stuck to buds. They also escape into the room the tents are in, may not be a big deal til your wife wakes up with a lady bug trying to crawl up her nose. LOL.

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That’s not what I wrote. I imagine daily might be bad, but you need to deal with them. An aggressive stance will do you the most good. Give the plant a few days between your initial treatments. Then move to a more prophylactic state with once or twice a week.

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So dead bug is 100% safe to use on flowers? Or only if absolutely needed? Or more or less can you use as a preventative measure? I do know not to use neem on flowering plants it stinks to high hell. Also thank you for your journals…very informative for the indoors, i have done outdoors over 20 yrs but first time to finish indoors for me…well hopefully!

Yes, it’s safe and I use it as a weekly preventative treatment for any outdoors plants once they hit flowering. I only use it indoors if any signs of pests, rather not spray buds at all if I don’t have to, but outdoors it’s a must or you’ll get every pest that lives in your area. I remember one outdoor plant that had caterpillars, mites, aphids, and thrips all at the same time before I got into a pest prevention program.

Also should do a peroxide bud wash on outdoor plants after chopping, wash out the dead bugs, bug poop and mold/fungus spores, dust, etc…


Thanks for the info…up in the north where i am at, i only worry about mold outdoors…the bugs are not very bad unless its veg time. So i can use just about anything…de works great but i dont like using it at all inside…too messy. Thanks again.

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