First Time Grower - Please help

Blue Dream

Girl Scout Cookie

Hi everyone, this is my first grow attempt and everything was going really well until a few days ago. Now it seems like it’s all going downhill and I could really use some help. I’ve completed the support ticket with my info and listed it below. Both of my plants were doing really well until I tried to give them their first feed of nutrients. Like an idiot, I did not do enough research and ended up using the full dose amount listed on the back of the Fox Farm Grow Big (6-4-4) nutes. The next day, I noticed that the Blue Dream plant had developed some dark purple leaf stems and that both plants had leaf tips that were beginning to slightly curl downward. I decided it would be a good idea to flush both plants and did so with distilled water. The day after the flush, both plants had drooped significantly. Before the nutes, both plants had leaves that would stick directly out from the stems. Now, they all look deflated. I thought I may have over-watered them and let them dry out for two days. The only change was that the very first fan leaves the plant had grown that were now at its base started to turn yellow and wither. After two days of letting the plant dry, I decided to water again because I had read that you don’t want an over-watered plant to get too dry or it will shock it further. After watering, both plants perked up a little, but still seem really droopy in comparison to their former selves. So, what do you think? The yellowing hasn’t spread to any other leaves,
and the curling tips aren’t drastic, but they are really droopy. When I was watering before, I would stop watering as soon as water started to drip out the bottom of the pot. Is it possible I wasn’t giving it enough water? Should I switch them to bigger pots with fresh soil? Do you think they can recover? I really don’t want them to die so any advice is appreciated!

1st and 2nd pictures are Blue Dream, others are Girl Scout Cookie. Blue Dream is bag seed, GSC photoperiod female

Fox Farm Ocean Forest, 3 gal pots with drainage holes

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
PH of input between 6.0-6.6, PH of runoff is 5.5-6.0

What is strength of nutrient mix?
Fed one time with two tablespoons of Fox Farm Grow Big 6-4-4 in 1Gal of water as per instructions

Indoor or Outdoor:

Light system, size?
Vipaspectra. 600w led

Day, Night: 73-81


Ventilation system:
passive intake at bottom, active exhaust at top, one fan in the middle set to medium and not blowing directly on plants

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier:



Congratulations, that is the best support ticket filling out I’ve ever seen(only started in Jan, so not so sure that’s an actual accomplishment)!

Let’s tag some pros:

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Thanks for the quick reply and tags. I really appreciate it!

This is concerning. That is a lot of nitro. Two teaspoons is more of a suggested dosage.

This is also concerning but may be helpful at this point since the plant should be locked out of the nutes. Really need a ppm reading.

She looks overwatered and her dark leaves indicates she may have more nitrogen than necessary …


How many gallons did you flush with? I see you are in 3 gallon pots, so I would recommend flushing each with 9 gallons of water to ensure it is really cleaned out.

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Oh wow, I must have made a mistake when reading the dosage. Soil was dry last night and I was worried I wasn’t giving enough water to begin with, so I watered until I saw more runoff than usual. This morning, both plants have perked up significantly. I can post update pictures later. Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the reply. I only flushed the pots with about a gallon each and now realize that’s not nearly enough. Would you recommend giving them an actual flush this time or transplanting into new soil?

Just flush them. It will clean the soil right out.


As you have figured out…too much nutes. Dark green is major nitrogen overdose.
You should be aware many growers find out that prefertilized media is often TOO HOT!!!
Suggest you dilute with non-fertilized media…and read directions—FIRST.
Then start at 20% of feeding schedule. Increase as plant progresses.

  • Important to learn to read your leaves posture. Which you have started already.
    a healthy happy plant leaves are often described as “praying hands”. A perky happy plant will look just like that. Leaves straight and uplifted to get all Mother Sun has to offer.
    Droopy leaves at end of day is normal. Plants get tired and need rest to recharge.

Keep in touch. We like seeing a good grow. btw…looks like you are trying LST?


Thank you for the info, I really appreciate it. I gave both plants more water than usual and both have perked up tremendously overnight. I’ll keep an eye on them and post some update pictures soon.

I did attempt to LST, though I’m not sure how well. I’ve researched more into it and I think I could have been more “strategic” earlier in the plants life as to where I tied down.

I’m having a blast during my first grow and feel like I’m learning a lot. Just want to make sure I’m doing it all right, you know?


Personally I would like to see you in a different pot than the ones now. Fabric pots will help to manage watering much better than plastic pots. Cannabis needs light airy soil that runs from wet to dry. If the roots do not have a chance to air out the plant will develop root rot and be a poor performer. The best method for determining when to water is to pick up the pot: if it’s light then water, Heavy then don’t.

FFOF is considered a hot soil. You can use it as is just fine though quite a few folks adulterate it with perlite or coco to reduce the nutrient load. You can use it just fine but you learned an important lesson–one many of us have learned through this forum–adding nutrients is potentially damaging to the plants if done incorrectly. Over watering and over feeding are the two biggest issues we see.

Your plants are showing signs of over watering and N toxicity. Flush with distilled water to the tune of 3 times the pot volume. Capture the last 10% of runoff and measure the PPM’s. If you don’t have a TDS and PH meter then do get one of each. FYI those 3 in 1 meters are worthless. Strips and drops aren’t much better. You can also use a flushing agent like Flora Kleen or Sledgehammer to help dissolve salts.

Plants will likely recover but good to get in range with PH and lower N values to avoid a lockout.


NOW would be a good time to repot to a 5 gallon pot/bucket. At same time, you could top it and then position the plant so it’s not off to one side and begin some LST.
LST is easy…just gently bend the stem at the main stalk. Roll the stem back n forth with slight increasing pressure until it bends easy. Only need to do this to the first two inches from the main stalk. Do it daily until the bent branch is horizontal. They usually stay in position.
It will double your harvest.


I think you have some really good feedback here. You have early signs of overfeeding as you expected. The droop after flush is normal too. That much water kinda puts plants in standby for a few days.

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Purple stems can be caused by lack of magnesium. I add 1/4 teaspoon of Epsom salts (Magnesium sulfate) to every feeding. (Calcium and magnesium deficiency seems more pronounced under LED lights I have read in multiple articles).

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Thanks for the reply. Ive done as you said and flushed both plants with 9 gal of distilled water. I’ve also order some 5gal Smart pots to transplant them into soon. I’d like to continue using FFOF when I transplant, so I suupose my next two questions are: a) how long after flushing should I wait to transplant? b) could I use some of the flushed FFOF soil to dilute the fresh FFOF soil when I transplant?

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You are actually in a good position: the transplant will be in it’s own matrix of OF so this allows the plant to migrate into the fresh stuff. Plus; FFOF is just fine for cannabis. It’s just really young cannabis that can get burned easily.

Let the pots dry out for a few days. You don’t want to be dry but you also don’t want to be sopping wet when you transplant. The fabric pots will help you cycle from wet to dry more readily too.


suggest you not mix slightly used prefertilized with new prefertilized.

best if slightly used is mixed with nonfertilized soil.

would be best if you can get an extra set of hands to help move from 3 gallon to 5 gallon.

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Thank you to everyone that replied, I really appreciate your help and am really glad to have found such an active, helpful community. I decided to flush both plants thoroughly with 9 gal of distilled water. The pictures below were taken twelve hours after the flush. Both plants seem to be recovering well. I’ve purchased 5 gal Smart fabric pots to transplant them into after the soil has had time to dry out a bit more. I’ve noticed an odd smell coming from the tent but I believe it’s just the damp soil. Both containers have good drainage so I’m keeping an eye on that too. The area around new growth seems to be much more vibrant if that makes any sense.

Girl Scout Cookie

I noticed a much lighter green color along the middle of the leaves in younger growth. I think the is normal, but I’m keeping an eye on it all the same.

Blue Dream

Interestingly enough, it looks like both plants have begun growing their first pistils. This is great news in regards to the Blue Dream bag seed, as I suspected it was an autoflower but was unsure of the sex. However, the Girl Scout Cookie strain was listed as a photoperiod female. I’ve kept both plants on an 16-8 on/off light schedule, so I’m surprised to see pistils on Girl Scout Cookie. I will say I am guilty at peaking in the tent perhaps too often, so maybe this was the cause?

Last question. I’ve done some research online but would like to hear your opinions. Does anyone have a recommendation for which “non-fertilized” soil I could mix with my Fox Farm Ocean Forest? At what ratio would you mix the two?

Thanks again for all your help. You guys are the bees knees.

She’s just showing her sex. They will do that if they veg long enough. Doesn’t mean she’s starting to flower. How come you’d want to dilute ocean forest soil?