First time grower, plant flowering sooner that I anticipated, need advice

I got confirmation from multiple people in another post that my plant is flowering. It is a Girl Scout Cookies Extreme autoflowering and 29 days above soil. The plant is about 15" tall and the container is a 5 gal smart pot for reference.

I thought I would have a few more weeks of veg. I have not used any nutrients yet. I did my first watering to runoff this morning.

My light (HLG 260W QB V2 rspec) is turned all the way up and I have kept it 24" from the top of the plant at all times. How high should my light be now that she is in the flowering stage? I am on an 18/6 cycle.

I have the Fox Farm trio. Which of these should I use at this stage, all three or just big bloom or tiger bloom?

Should I immediately let the humidity get down as low as possible. It is currently at about 55%.

Any other advice about something I should be doing at this point is greatly appreciated!

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Do you have a small oscilating fan ? If so put it in there to ruffle the leaves. Makes plant grow stronger. And in flower plant works harder to form buds that have a breeze that hits them.

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do you have soil feeding schedule. I would start on week 4 schedule. Bloom next week

Yea for flower u want ur humidity like 40%, I dont use fox farm nutes but instructions shld be on there, it shld have doses for different stages of plant growth, n I have the exact same light I keep mine about 18 inches away

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I did not know that about the fan…I will have to get another lol

Do u have a grow journal on here?

I have a couple journals. Both are hydro.

I do have multiple fans blowing air in all different directions and the leaves are definitely moving.

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So u said u had some concerns about ur plant if it was indeed flowering, may I ask what ur concerns were?

I found a feeding schedule online. Is this the correct schedule for an autoflower though? Should I use the full amount suggested or cut in half or even 25%? The schedule says during week 4 to use grow big and big bloom but not tiger bloom. Should I start using all 3?

Just that I haven’t started nutrients, watered to runoff for the first time today and wondering if the plant is sturdy enough to support the weight of buds.

Bro, look up super cropping

It depends on your soil. I use fox farm ocean forest to which I add coco (water retention) and organic compost (just good rich stuff) and perlite. With this soil mix I don’t introduce nutrients until the 5th week and when I do it is at 50% of the recommended dose. I follow the schedule as to weeks. But now your question makes me reconsider this practice. It makes sense to follow the plant’s time schedule and not a general application schedule. So IMO follow the flower phase schedule. Your application rate depends on what you think your plants need and what your soil provides. (my soil is high in nitrogen so I am not looking to add more - I did that once and it took a month for my autos to recover - kinda / almost).
In a related post someone replied about the height of the light. I do agree with comment. The plant has a lot of space between nodes. More light at a lower height usually minimizes this.
Just watch her. If you see any sign of light burn (usually browned tips) raise the light.

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I am using FF Ocean Forest as well with about 25% extra perlite added. The leaves look really good with no signs of any problems which is why I have been hesitant to add any nutrients at all so far. I may try following the flower schedule as you suggested but probably at 25% dose.

I just measured the distance between nodes and it is at 3" between the bottom 3 nodes. The top of the plant has tight nodes and that makes sense because I turned my light up all the way a few days ago. I am also going to leave the light at it’s current height until it ends up at 18" and then maintain that distance. I am currently at 24". Thanks Beardless. I don’t think I replied directly to your post so @beardless LOL.

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sounds good and you are on track