First time grower outside,


Blueberry Auto, First time grower, had a couple lessons on PH issues but they are looking Beautiful, nice arroma.had to bring them in from the thunderstorm…



looks good


Thanks it’s a learning experience, but these Auto’s make it so much easier for a beginner…


This is what photoperiod plants will get you :slight_smile:


nice and green.

mine are pale :frowning:


granddaddy purple, 12 weeks old , 10 days into flower .


Very Nice!! Maybe next year we will see how my first crop gos couple more weeks and I will cut one of them down


here’s a little grand daddy purple that I made flower , 4 weeks in …


Very Nice… how many weeks are they in this pic?


Northern Lights plant initially started inside has been outside in a bag in my vegetable garden since the second week of July.


Very nice!!


About 13 weeks…


13 weeks sounds about right. I didn’t initially start my plant it was given to me by a good friend who has been teaching me how to take care of this beauty.


Well we are getting close to harvest, my yield is low but it has been great learning experience…I am thinking a week trichomes are cloudy…


So I am not 100% but I am real close to cutting her down when do you slice the stem? And should I bring her in the dark for a few days.tricomes are looking very cloudy and some auburn


What do you think is she ready?

At 14 wks from seed


Nice looking plant. :hearts:


Thanks I appreciate that !!


How long have they been flowering?


I think they are looking pretty good…