First time grower, not sure if I’m doing this right . Plant is growing slow. :(

First time grower with feminized white widow seed. Using Phlizon 600W led (I’m sure that’s not the actual wattage). I planted the seed In a small cup on wed 8/1 but had to repost them because it was growing tall and thin into a solo cup on 8/5. I made have shock them during the transfer :frowning: not sure. I checked the ph level around 7 (too high maybe?) waiting for ph down to come in the mail today. I used organic soil from lowes. I water them only when the top is completely dry probably once a day with a spray. I think they’re growing slow but now sure that’s the problem. Please help

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You are off to a good start. You apparently aren’t over watering which is critical right now.

Your plant is concentrating most of it’s energy right now into producing a taproot. She will take off in a week or so. Keep your light at 20" or so, cover with a dome to keep the humidity up (they uptake water from the leaves when young) and continue your watering practices.

I would strongly recommend you pick up a good PH meter: it is the single most important tool a grower has. The APERA PH20 is popular here. I have one and love it. Until you do get one; water with distilled water only. NOT spring water. NOT bottled water. Distilled. Wally World has it for $.84/gallon. Once you get your PH meter you can start adjusting your input PH.


Yes. I agree. You baby is looking just fine for a couple weeks. Growth will explode soon

I got a phlizon 600w myself, IMO they are not too good. I should of done my homework a bit better but thought a 600w for the price of a 300w was a steal. I bought a mars hydro 300w to run with it. The 300w is actually more powerful than the 600. Top image is the 300w

Thanks I added another light… apparently it was a ventilation problem. I added an intake fan and they started growing

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Looking good mate. :grinning: