First time grower - new tent and light AGAIN!


So lots of fun in the garden and Greenhouse today

My favorite helper :heart_eyes:

Lots of plants to transplant and clean up and stake

Fall on face plant

And one of my plants is as tall as I am :blush:

Nothing beats playing in the dirt! :hugs:


Wrapped up the day trimming - the life of a cannabis gardener :heart_eyes:



Great pics thanks for sharing… @Momtomask where do you find the time you are so busy and your plants love you for that.


Im so envious, not only of your great setup, but that your kids help you. That must be so much fun and very rewarding. The plants look great to, as always.


Very nice. And I agree with @Mudcrab01. You are one very busy lady. Well done :+1::+1:


@Momtomask they look awsome but I hate you. I want to grow outside so bad but I live in city and it’s to easy to get caught lol


Fear of being caught really stinks :frowning:️ I have too many outside even in my legal state - hopefully no one notices :+1:t3:


Your gals are as beautiful as you are :slightly_smiling_face: I’m so happy that your son is doing so much better and helping you. :hugs:


Had an idea, don’t know if it’ll help, but here goes…
Get yourself a big, black, round garbage can or something similar, about double or more the diameter of your pots. You could cut the bottom out, then split it down one side, cut it to the height you need, and voila! Wrapped around a couple, or several pots, strategically, could camouflage them just enough to look like fewer, bigger plants.

Full disclosure, I’m REALLY high right now lol

Still laughing at the bunny ears on the plant :joy: I can’t wait till I can get my kids involved in the garden.


Hope everyone is doing well with all the summertime heat! Everyone is good here

Quick update shots
The scrog tent is chugging along

The other flower tent

And the Veg tent

And I’ve been on the No Cloning wagon for a few weeks now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome job. I love the set-up also. But man, I have a hard time taking care of just one, I couldn’t imagine growing that many


i have gotten myself grown into a corner over here…lol
i kept to many clones,and they have me working double time!!
beautiful looking gals there @Momtomask


Well we are supposed to get some serious wind and rain so I did my best to batten down the hatches - I put as many plants in the Greenhouse as I could and the rest will have to fend for themselves. Now we just have to hope the greenhouse stays put!

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Good luck with the stormy weather. I sure hope your beautiful greenhouse survives.


I think all will be fine - heavy rain maybe but I don’t think the wind will be a factor here - but better to be safe than sorry :+1:t3:


Wishing you well, and calm sunny days ahead. I hope they all make it through okay!


All is well here on the Cape - hope everyone has a lovely weekend - I’ll be in the garden :+1:t3:


Where? I can’t see the florist for the trees :wink:


LOL - very clever :rofl: Here I am


Here you go @Redeyedranger - your grow journal reminds me of my willingness to learn from everyone here. Plus you def have a green thumb :+1:t3: