First time grower needs help

I’m a first time grower my norther lights and Gelato OG are about 41/2 weeks old. About 2 weeks ago I noticed the bottom leaves on one of the plants were getting very pale. They’ve since turned yellow and some have died. I’m also getting yellow spots on leaves in different areas of the plants not just the bottom. From the info I’ve poured over I may have combo issues. A nutrient deficiency and maybe powdery mildew. I’ve read its critical to deal with the mildew before flowering begins. Since this is my first grow and I’m working autos I’m not sure how much time I have to remedy the situation or how to. I need help. Thanks

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First, welcome! Lets see if we can figure out your plant.

Please fill this out and be as complete as possible. If in soil tell us WHAT soil, for example.

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  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
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  • Light system
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I’m having the same issue with some white widow autos. Hope it’s ok if I watch this thread. My girls are about 4 weeks in and I’ve got some yellowing going on too.


Beat me to it @Myfriendis410! Welcome to ILGM, @Brockleey! And pile on, @Phoneman, the more the merrier. That’s what we’re here for. Looks like there may be a couple things going on, like you said. With a little more information, we’ll be able to narrow it down or even pinpoint the problem(s). :+1:


You are welcome any time. If you want to start your own thread or journal just tag me with the @ sign.

@elheffe702 it’s a struggle to get ahead of you and a few others: you know your stuff and I thank you for sharing. Made me a better grower (hopefully).


I’m growing one Northern lights plant and one Gelato OG. Both from Seedsman. I’m using a mix of a generic potting soil I got from Lowes,coco&perlite. I’m growing in fabric pots. After the things I’ve read about burning young plants I gave them what I’d hope would be least likely to result in burn so I’ve given them a small dose of worm castings for the first time (plants were at 2 weeks) last week I gave them a small first feeding of Cal-Mag the plants are about 4 1/2 weeks. I’m using distilled water and I PH to about 6.3 or 6.4. Today I watered but went down to 6.1. I’m using a grow pod with dual fans and charcoal filters. I also use an oscillating fan. I have two bottle type humidifiers. It’s a tiny set up. It has a Cree chip with full spectrum lights. I don’t have a Co2 bag though. I have unsulphered molasses I’m planning to use during the flowering stage if they survive whatever this is they have going on. My temps are always between 86 and 82 nd that’s at any given time but mid day is normally the hottest. I live in a very hot dry climate. My humidy fluctuates between 40 and the highest has been 55 and that’s been maybe only 3 times since the grow began. The average is about 43. Right now the temp is 84 humidity 44. I hope this info gives you some insight into my grow environment and you’re able to get a better idea of what I’m working with and what I can do to fix this problem. Thanks

Hey phone man I was just gonna like your msg but wanted to say by all means jump in. We are all trying to learn. I’m glad I found this site. It’s like Cannabis University and I’m a freshman with a lot to learn.

Yes indeed brocklee. I was interested because you seem to be on the same pace as me. I have 4 white widow autos at about 4 weeks in. Not my first grow but first one with good seed. My first was a gift plant and i think i screwed it up. And my second grow two plants went hermie on me. I hope third time is the charm. But i have some yellowing too.

As you know, your humidity is a bit low. A damp towel over a fan can raise it cheaply.

Don’t spray your plants with water while the lights are on. The drops act like a magnifying glass and can burn the leaves.

How much are you watering?

Thanks I was spraying in between watering. I stopped when the spots began. I wasn’t sure but from what I found on YouTube I thought some of the problem(at least the spots on the leaves) might have been from spraying. It never occurred to me not to water with the lights on but it makes total sense. I have 2cups of water and a wash cloth in my grow pod. Without those and my water bottle humidifiers the humidity would go down to 38. Thanks so much for confirming the spraying issue for me.

In the beginning I was afraid of over watering the seedlings so I was watering every 4 days and spraying lightly every day. But because I read some of my problem might have been due to spraying I stopped. Since the plants have grown so much I’m now watering every 3 days with no spraying. I still worry about over watering though.

Your ph is a little high for a coco/perlite mix. Generally you would want to be around 5.8 with your ph in a mix like that. Unless it was amended, you would probably need to be feeding regularly too. Taking a look at your runoff ppm on next watering would be a good start.

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Thanks, I’ll take my ph down to 5.8. I’ve up my watering from every 4 days with spraying in between watering to every 3 days without spraying. Thanks to drinkslinger’s info I can go back to spraying in between watering just not with the lights on. How often would you suggest watering? I’ve seen so much online about over watering and root rot. I’m nervous about watering.
I’m also using my lights on an 18/6 schedule. In addition I’m attempting low stress training due to my limited space. So I’ve been worried I may have been over watering or being to ruff with my attempt at LST.

It sounds like you may be over watering a little, especially if you are watering to run off each time. I did the same thing when I started. I had it in my head that I ran my plants world and that they needed to be watered every other day. My advice would be to water when the plants pots are light. I know this is a vague gage but you will figure it out quickly. Some of my plants have taken water every other day during flower and some every 4 days or longer. Let the plant tell you when it needs water.

Not sure but i think i have a drainage prob. So afraid off over watering but my soil is not draining much. Its ffof in 3 and a half g plastic. I diddrill a binch of holes in the pots but its not draining and i dont want them to drown. Temp in the tent is avg 78f. Hunidity is low. Thinking i might have to trans plant. But autos at 3 and 4 weeks in could i stunt em. Want get a bunch of perlite in them but not sure how. Snd 3 of them are trained.

Thanks dbrn32 and bublehead I appreciate the feedback. I was confused about what ph I should be using with my mix. I’d dropped to 6.1 but now I’ll take it down to 5.8. Thanks everybody for the much needed advice.