First time grower.. Need Trichome help! PLZ :)

Hello everyone,

it’s my first time growing and im pretty inexperienced.

Can someone tell me if my trichomes look ready. it’s in week 9 of flowering, so they should be ready according to the timelines from the seed bank, but im not too sure cz i dont see any amber.

please let me know what you think!

thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m not very experienced either but I’ve done one grow and I see the leaves starting to Yellow that’s one Telltale sign that it’s ready but I don’t see any foxtails do a little research to find out what foxtails are if you don’t know

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Thank you Chefchino :slight_smile: I’ll def do the research. thanks for the tip!

Do you have a magnifier to look at the trichomes? The pistils look about right, so now you need to look at the trichomes.

Need a 200-600 magnifier to see them well. @nin

I tried the site zoom, but your pic is too far away to help any.

Here are some pics to help you





Thanks so much Bob… I checked again this morning with a magnifier… couldn’t spot any amber ones.

i posted another picture that i took from a closer view.

let me know if you guys can spot anything.

thanks and have a lovely day :dolphin:

Can you post one pic per post? There is a site zoom, but it only works on singular posted pics @nin Thanks!

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in the second pic, one of the sugar leaves has black spots on it (near the finger nail). I would remove anything that looks like that. Those spots look a bit like mold. I hope not but you need to check them out quickly. I would still remove anything that looks like that they have no value. @nin

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hey bob :slight_smile: so i removed all the leaves that looked like that…, it’s weird though, cz i could just rub the black off. dont know if its mold.

however, i am thinking just in case its mold, should i cut down the plant and harvest before it manifests?
could you tell whether the trichomes are ready from the site zoom

all you help and advice is really appreciated!

i cant believe how amazing this forum is… wish i discovered it sooner

One last thing bob,

Do you think I should neem oil the plant? Just in case?

If you can run it off it probably mold @nin
I see a lot of clear still in those pics
Don’t use neem oil in flower or at least I wouldn’t
Will effect taste for sure


Hello thanks so much for your reply! I appreciate it

So if you suspect it’s mold, do u think I should harvest now before it spreads even more?

What do u think? :slight_smile:


Let me try and find a link fir you
@kabongster had posted a nice link treating for mold give me a little bit I’m at work so

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You’re the best! Thank you

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@Countryboyjvd1971 this post? @nin

and then this one


Thanks for jumping in guys @Countryboyjvd1971 @kabongster

@nin How ya making out?

Hi bob!!!

Sorry for the late reply… so I decided to wait a while to see a little amber in the trichomes before harvest. But I couldn’t help myself, I harvested 3 buds just to try. They dried beautifully.

As for the mold, I literally sat there cleaning up each stem that had any sign of black mold and I wiped it off with water and a small towel. I cut off all the leaves with black spots. There weren’t many anyway.

I think this happened because one side of the plant is growing right next to a big shrub so maybe the contact wasn’t good.

Thanks for all your help.

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I would also try with a tiny bit of peroxide… I found it to be the most efficient killing black mold I found in my shower, but please confirm with others on this forum or an expert to make sure it is safe for the plant! I hope that helps! Walmart sells the peroxide spray bottle for 1.25 which is the best value!