First time grower...Need lots of help

I think i have all the problems. Its been about 63 hours and my seeds have not sprouted yet. My ph rises close to 8 every night. Im scared to add too much ph down in fear of causing burn. My water temperature stays between 74f and 77f which raises my concern about root rot. Anyone have any advice?

You water temp is 70f? First how you germinate you seed? You pH is to high.

Your good give them more time. And i dont think ive ever phd my water to sprout seeds just straight tap

Oh hydroponic. Not my arena.

I geminate my seed just in water sink but that watee run 7 pH and I add h202 live for 72 hr in darkness

So did they get a root when you dropped them into soil or have you not yet?

you should only soak your seeds for 24 hours max. after that you can put them into a DAMP paper towel to keep them from drying out. you dont want to soak longer as you can turn them into mush.

they like warm, moist, and dark to pop. some can take a lot longer than others.

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The tap water where i live is about 8 so i use a little ph down. I used rockwool cubes and the nutrients i used told me to soak the cubes in the in the water/nutrient solution. So I put the rockwool cubes directly in the net pots in my dwc bucket filled with the solution, running 18/6 cycle. Did I ruin my seeds?

Should i take the net pots out of the dwc bucket and turn the light off?

hmmm, i don’t use that setup so i am not the right person to ask. But i may have misinterpreted your original statement. i thought you were pre-soaking your seeds for 63 hours. i would imagine that even with the dwc setup, in rockwool , that you wouldn’t want your seeds sitting in material that is saturated for that long, but i will defer to someone using that technique to comment on how they germinate their seeds and when they transfer to rockwool.

sorry if i added any additional confusion

rockwool HAS to be soaked in 5.5 ph before using

How to get perfect 5.5 ph?