First time grower need help with setup

i am a first time grower and im currently getting my equipment i bought a 3x3 grow tent and i happened to run across a sun system 250 watt hps light will that be enough for the tent? and can i use it for the veg stage? im planning on growing either Gorilla glue, white widow, or big bud ive narrowed it down to them three.

Ceramic metal halide is best from seed to flower. One bulb. HPS is only used for flowering. @jwood
I prefer LED.

ok thank you so how many watts would you suggest for a 3x3 tent for a led or a ceramic metal halide?

The 615 CMH would cover a 3x3 just right. @jwood

LED a quantum board would do great in that space also. Growerslights. Com is a good source for those. QB’s are popular and are sold out often. I haven’t checked in awhile to see if they have any in stock.
3000K or 3500K will work from seed to harvest.

ok the quantum boards are way out of my price range for now i have found a 630 cmh light for about $300 would that work?

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He meant 315. The 630 would be more in line with 4x4.


I also use led lights. I’m on a budget and bought my light before joining this forum. I have two of these

I run only one during veg and both during flower. This is my results in my 4x4 tent

FYI when looking at lights, especially led lights, look at the watt output. The above listed light pulls 257.6 watts. The higher the watts the more light intensity you get leading to more bud production. I’m happy with my setup.
In the future I plan on getting lights like what @Covertgrower suggested.


wow that is amazing, would you suggest one or two for a 3x3 tent?

@jwood I currently have a 250hps in a 4 X 4 tent. That tent actually needed to be cooled in the summer because it went over 85 degrees. In the winter the temp stayed at around 75. LEDs were always expensive but have become more affordable.

It just depends how you will need to heat and/or cool. I have my tent in the basement so it needs a heater in the winter so I actually keep the HPS because of the excess heat. In the summer I’m going to switched to LEDs since they don’t put off much heat. Some of the new LED systems overheat but now come with a shutoff mechanism to prevent destroying the transformer.

Happy Growing!

thank you for the help. ive decided to buy the leds just dont know if i need one or two for the 3x3 space?

I have a 4x4 space and run two lights during flower. I think one will do fine in the 3x3 space just maybe not as much production. I run indoor only one grow a year. I perfer to use free energy to grow during the summer. I could get away with one grow a year but like having a project over the winter.

The key to using an HID lamp is getting an air cooled reflector. I run a 1000 watt HID system with an air cooled reflector and the temperature just a few inches below the glass is just a few degrees more than the ambient temperature.


go with the Widow, i think its the easiest of the 3 to grow.

i suggest getting the best lighting possible, even if u have to start small.!!
Migro, HLG QB, and Optics 1 r the best right now,
DE 1000w and CMH r a close second
400-1000w HPS/MH r the next best,
low watt HID, high end Blurple LED, and T-5 floro r usable for flower, kinda,
cheap amazon Blurple LED and CFL floro r okay for veg, but not good for flower.!

Check out the 315 lec from sun system

Hey people about to start my first grow inside my shed. Right now I have my seeds between paper towels in a drawer but I’m need to see what else I need and what it is going to to have a successful first grow I will take pics of the soil I have my 1000w led Roleadro full spectrum light and also I will only be growing 3 seeds at a time.

@TommyBahama Thanks! I actually had a 600 watt cool tube in the other tent that struggled to keep the temperatures down even in the summer. I had an air conditioner running too! That’s why I’m thinking about switching over the LEDs eventually. The 600 watt LED I found only uses 120 watts at the wall! I’d be saving a lot of money on electricity.

Happy Growing!

@jwood It depends on a couple things. Most suppliers list the coverage area on the LED. There is oftentimes an area of immediate light that is the strongest usually around the middle of the fixture. LEDs are more efficient because of the even distribution light verses having a single HID bulb or several flourescent T10 tubes. In other words, one LED usually suffices but more lumens makes for denser buds! Hope that helps!

Happy Growing!

hey i dont know if you will read this or get it but i bought the led you suggested and i was wondering how much it effected your electric bill?

400 to 600 watt will work in a 3x3. My first grow was a 400 watt in a 3x4, was a little underpowered, but 8oz from 3 plants was decent for a first grow. I would do minimum of 400 watts in a 3x3. My 3x4 is now 600w and my 2x2 is a HLG100. Saying that. When the time comes to buy a new light or tent and light, ill pay more and get the QB 3000k for flowering only myself. Would prefer a lower kelvin board but never in stock it seems. With the MH/HPS more watts need better cooling controls. I bought a cool tube, and has taken away all the heat i was getting from the MH/HPS bulbs.