First time grower / need a little help / ticket inc

Hi all.
Im a first time grower coming into week 5.
Everything was going swell and now yesterday my plants got droopy. I’ll walk u thru what i did before this symptom started and maybe someone can help me.
Start of week 4 i gave my plants there first shot of big bloom (6 tsp- 1 gal - 330ppm). Everything seemed fine n.p.
4 days later the second shot of the same mix. I only used half the gal the first time, so i now used the second half.
3 hours later they drooped.
I transplanted today from solo to 1 gal fabric. Thought it might help, but to soon to tell.
I also switched lights in the middle of these two feedings. From luxx9000 to two ac Infinity s22 lights.
Thought i might have been shocking the plants with to much light so i turned down the light from 80% to 40% ,
also to soon to tell if this helps.
Also some of the plants have there bottom leaves starting to yellow.
Thanks in advance

  • ocean forest
  • solo cup to fabric 1 gal today
  • PH 6.4 (runoff N/A)
  • PPM 330
  • Indoor going outdoor next month
  • Light.luxx9000 switch to two ac Infinity s22’s
  • Temps; Day 71° night 68°
  • Humidity; Day 65- night 65
  • Ventilation system; 2 2"fans
  • humidifier fogger with fan
  • Co2; No

Pic would help, but I think they probably outgrew the solo cups. Was there a lot of roots?

The transplant should fix a lot of your issues, but the plant may give up on some of the lower leaves. Just prune them.

Couple things week 5 still in solo cups that’s a long time as @CurrDogg420 said pictures would help a lot when in Fox Farms soils when you transplant you don’t need to add any more nutrients the soil has enough


Sorry, for some reason my pics didnt upload. There there now.
The root system was good imo. Not root bound, but vigorous
Check out new pics

Sorry, didnt realize pics didnt upload.
There there now.

Also before i added the second shot of bloom the plants where doing realy well.
Actually preying to the light.
Roots weren’t bound, but vigorous.
So now that i transplanted, how long should i hold off on giving nutrients?

They should pick up pretty quickly they where pretty big for a solo cup now they have room for the roots and fresh soil they should take off fill out a support ticket


Those girls will grow big and strong. Listen to them :point_up_2:


Can i ask why ur giving big bloom for at this point they have alot of growing before there ready to be flipped into flower you should be feeding them nutrients for veg stage not flowering stage also if ur using fox farm ocean Forest u dont need to feed for about three weeks u just need to water them

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On the foxfarm feed chart it says big bloom for seedlings and week 1 plants and then add grow big and tiger bloom as they progress in weeks.
I actually waited a lot longer then the chart says, but maybe this feed chart is intended for plants in a nutrient free substrate.
I have to look into it more now i guess.

Aha ok ive never used fox farm nutrients

Hey welcome, I use ff trio nutes and a mixture of FFOF and FFHF soil with perlite. So if you just transplanted to 1 gal pots with ff soil you will not need to feed for about a month. Also when you start feeding do like 1/2 strength first time or 2. But I don’t start feeding mine tell about week 5-6 after a good flush.

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Thank u for your input

I used ffof with one 3rd perlite into 1gal fabric pots.
I also have the ff trio nutes.
So i should wait about a month to start the feedind, ok.
My question is, when i do stert the feeding where should i start on my feeding chart?
They are 4 weeks old right now, so in a month they will be about 8 to 9 weeks.
Should i start @ week 1 or week 8 and delute it down a bit?
This is the ff feeding chart i have. Im starting to think this chart was intended for a substrate that has no nutrients in it, like coco.
Can u clarify this for me please?

I would feed only Grow big and big bloom for now, and follow that, tell you start to see her show flower. Then I introduced the tiger bloom. So maybe feed 1/2 On what week 3 and repeat moving slowing up to full strength eventually

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