First Time Grower -- Michelle K

I have upgraded the environment to a Vivosun 4 x 2 x 5’ tent. Here they are!

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Should be just curing properly. Jars empty yet? Haha. How was the smoke?

I haven’t pulled her yet. The trichomes aren’t there yet and shes still stacking buds

Do you think?

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Well one came down today. I know she will not be a big producer, but I have others in process that have a proper environment and lighting.

I learned a lot, and know I have about 10% of the info I need to be good, much less great.

Now to dry and cure properly…

I see mostly cloudy on that bud shot. Make sure ur getting all calyx (buds). Try to aim for a pistil and follow it backwards SLOWLY. Helps.

But as u may or may not kno…. Sugar leaves amber up quick. Thats why the second pic shows a few ambers. Those look to be leaves.

Haha i was still behind. Missd a whole harvest message. Congrats on the chop tho! First start to harvest grow? Screw the yields if so. :clap:t5:

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