First time grower looking for advice

Will respectfully take your advise also

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Listening to the ladies and fellas especially certain ones like @Nicky. @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @pptrsha1 @Cannabian. To name a few. Take advise and run. Plants will be double the size


Why thank you =)
Quite a few good growers on this forum to be honest. There definitely are a couple of us that really try and know as much as we can, invest the time and the money into turning this little hobby into the best we can. Alot of knowledge is shared on this forum daily so soak up what you can and help others in return for all the help you received is sorta the motto


So heres the thing you can get bud ( larfy dollar buds ) off a cheap light. You can get sorta stretched out shortish plants off a cheap light. You cant get lush thick 4 foot tall bushes with beer can thick buds off a cheap light. People try all the time and fail, then come here and ask why. The sad thing is the cost of a cheap HLG is not that much more than an Amazon crap light. The difference in plant growth is astonishing! While you can double or triple plant size if thats your intention, the money shot ( budz ) is where a decent light shines! Also, a 350 watt Amazon light is not the same league as a 350 watt HLG, nor is a 350 watt HLG the same class as a 350 watt Fluence. The difference between the Fluence and the HLG, however, isnt so much performance as build quality.
But seriously, if you want to get into growing cannabis you will need a decent light. It is the single biggest limitation all growers face.