First time grower looking for advice

This plant grew like this from the very start . Any ideas what this mutation could mean now or in harvest . Right now they are 6 weeks old . Not giving them anything but formula 2 bloom booster . Any advise to help me make this grow awesome would be great stran is ak47


Hey I’m five weeks into my first growwith ak47 photos your space looks nice I’m brand new but I’ve had two mutants out of ten and have read mutations are not uncommon inak47 so maybe that , one of mine mutated from the horseshoe/ halo spraying its leaves as a seedling its slowly growing out of it

I’ve had a similar mutation in my plants and for me it was a form of my lights being a little too close and under watering. Hope this helps! Good luck growing!

What is formula 2 bloom booster? What are the ratios?

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Formula 2 is an organic booster for the flowering stage . They also have formuka 1 for veg . Ratios are 2-5-7
Are these #'s good ?from the place i bought it from stands by it strongly .

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Started that way under the sun . Also gave all 5 plants exact amount of water

Is 1200watts to small for a 3×8 room ?

Hmm. Strange. For lighting I use a 600 watt LED for two plants in a smaller space than what you have. Not sure if that could be the issue. You always have to consider the genetics of the plants too. That can cause mutations.

Is my space too big for 1200w . Thinking of adding more

I would say 1200 is fine for that space. You could go up a little more if you wanted. I personally wouldn’t do anything more than 1800 in total.

Im doing critical mass super auto right now . Just a few days old . With age . Whats the best organic all around fertilizer for them . Thx

I can’t say for sure but I think you might be having a potassium toxicity. The thin upper leaves can be a sign of that .

Welcome to the forums and thus the community.

Mutations are normal and I have seen healthy plants with leafs like yours, ak 47 is quite an old strain so genetics should be fairly stable although it is an old landrace strain so its quite possible that’s a normal mutation for that strain as I’ve seen it myself.

The fertilizer you have is probably strong recommended by your local guy because of either A: they make it or B: they make the most profit off that brand.

It’s not a well known fertilizer but that’s fine, you have it and it will work just fine just be cautious of store owners giving you advice that leads to to a purchase inside their store as it’s all sales tactics most of the time. Instead know what you need before you go in the store.

As for the lighting what light exactly do you have? Because both you and @Redfootgrandpaj are missguiged by your Wattage claims thanks to Amazon or whoever else you got your lights off. 1200w Is like a space heater running full blast, anything else in that outlet would blow your breaker so your probably running more of 2-300w led that been marketed to you by the Chinese salesman who makes those burple Lights.

Also are you growing in soil?
Are you PH’ing your water?
Are you testing your water run off with a tds and a PH meter? If not your feeding blindly and that nerd to stop asap.

Ty so much for your wisdom. Yes im growing in soil. Organic miracle grow . As for water i use straight rain water or spring water. I googled which spring water has low ph , so thats i got that. So no i dont ph . My brother has a ph stick and when he phs rain water it came up something like 8.0
But internet says average rain water is in the 6.3 ph range . Whats a tds and where do i get one ?

You need a PH pen, apera or blue labs are the only real reliable ones the cheap ones don’t work right. You have to PH your water for cannabis or your just stunting the growth.
A tds pen looks similar but it measures the tds/ppm in the water, cheap ones work fine most of the time.
Both can be picked up at Amazon or hydro stores ussualy sell them but marked up prices by quite a bit.

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Sorry lights are 600w viparspectra

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Yeah so that’s 260w of burple power.
So good for a plant, maybe a plant in a half.
You can grow two plants under it but don’t expect alot. Better to grow a single plant off that light.

What should i do . Have you ever heard of bloomspect

I have 5 plants in that room thats doing really well under that light . Ak47 maxes out at around 2ft full grown . All of mine are tipping that mark

All the lights like look like boomspect and the one you have are not how you want to spend your money.
You want something with Samsung boards and Samsung 301b or 301h chips.
You can build your own or buy something like HLG’s, kingbrights, spider farmer etc, with lights you get what you pay for be sure of that.
Remeber you are trying to imitate the SUN.

Your plants may be doing well now because they are not in flower, have you tried to flower plants off that light?
Countless people come here with amazon special lights and we direct them to proper lighting then they ussualy sell their old burple amazon specials or they use them in the veg state only.

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