First time grower lessons learned


This is what I have learned so far. Just after the first two leaves pop out of the ground there will be what looks like a stunted growth period (nothing growing upwards. In fact the 2 starting leaves let the plant grow roots. At approx. the 2 week period after germination I saw an increase of growth in height. At approx. 4 weeks the buds started forming. The 5th week into the bud growth I see the pistils turning brown to red and the trichomes are still clear. Also in this stage is the growth of many nodes. I’ll add more after the harvest in approx. 3 weeks.


@DavidJEK must be autos?


I sure hope so… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


How many weeks since they sprouted and then flowered? Pics? @DavidJEK


Definitely sounds like auto seeds lol


@VelcroThumb, yes they are WW autos. @Bob31, it’s been approx. 4 weeks from germination when they started flowering.


They look pretty good! @DavidJEK