First Time Grower. Leaves with spots and curled upwards

Hi. First time growing. Checking for some guidance.
Pot size is 2.5 liters, growing in a mix of 25% coco noir, 20% pumice stone, 15% earthworm humus and 40% brown peat. Both, with a 50W led light for 10 to 12 hours indoors in an open room and 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. Total 18 hours per day.

The first one has 25 days since it popped out of the soil (unknown seed), slow growing, few brown spots on the leaves and cotyledons are yellow and falling. Has 5 nodes now, but the top ones are curling up and going down, 5 days ago. Watering every 5 to 6 days around 450ml, just water, no nutrients.

The other one is a Gigabud feminized seed, 11 days since it popped out. Leaves curling up and a few spots on the leaves. First normal watering 3 days ago, around 450ml. Same than the other one, just water, no nutrients.

Nutrient deficiency or something else?

I appreciate the help in advance.

Is there a possibility that you got water/solution on your leaves? I appears from pictures that leaves are clawed downwards. Usually as a general rule I go by leaves curled downwards soil/medium/nutrient issue. Upwards light/heat/environment issue although, that is not set in stone just a general guideline of where to start for me. Is this just before lights on or lights out? My plants tend to do the same thing at these times. :v:

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Yeah, thanks, I sprayed the leaves the other day cause they were a little dusty, and they were with sunlight by that time. Pictures were taken 1 hour before lights out. It has the leaves clawed downwards but curling up and I think the cotyledons are about to fall. The small one, leaves are not clawed but are starting to curl up a little on the sides. Temps are around 20 and 24°C, most of the time, and I’m using a 50W led floodlight (because I already had it laying around), at a distance of 3" to 4".

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