First time grower kinda paranoid lol

Good morning growers. New to the group first time posting. Got some questions but first the facts.

Strain; (3)Critical Purple Autos
Age from Sprout: 2-2.5 days
Soil in/Size of Pots: FFHF, 5gal pots
How often do you water and how do you determine when to do so: just germed and sprouted. I water whenever the starter cube looks dry.
PH of water and runoff or solution in reservoir: haven’t tested ph
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS: N/A
Indoor: 2x4x5 grow tent
Light system, size and height from plants: 600w Phlizon grow light. Not sure how far away, after reading a few posts before typing this I think I’m too close.
Temps; Day, Night: 77-82
Humidity; Day, Night: roughly 54%
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: arriving tomorrow, 4” iPower 190 CFM vent kit. At the moment currently small bedside fan with tent vent open. Will post pics.
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: not yet
Co2; Yes, No: arriving tomorrow.

Ok. So I germed them in the pots, in starter cube buried flush in center, covered with a glass and left it in the dark on the heating pad. All three popped and sprouted. The first one stood up right away and started to show first fan leaves. The second was curling up with the fan leaves as if to stand up. The third sprouted out of pod and curled up. That was the first day so say Sunday night. Yesterday morning watered before going to work and pretty much left em under the light. Didn’t water again until about 10/11 last night and noticed the third pod was too dry, watered(sprayed) em accordingly and left em alone. Cleaned up my tent a bit(got a power strip so doing a lot of unplugging. Accidentally hit the first sprout with a cord, not the part you plug in) This morning checked on them again and noticed the plant I fit with the cord is missing a fan leaf, yet the two in the middle are starting to grow? Plant looks like it wants to wilt but still strong looking. The second is standing straight up with the two extra leaves growing, the third is curled up still jusssst above the starter cube. Here are my questions.

What can I do for the one that hasn’t stood up yet?
I read here that seedlings should be buried up until the first fan leaves, should I make the hole for the cubes deeper and bury them so that just their “heads” show?
How far away should the light be, and is that from the top of the pot or the top of the plant?
I went out and brought the FF trio package but have read that my plants won’t need any “food” until after about 2-3wks since I’m using FFHF. Is this true? And then once time has lapsed, how do I feed them, do I use one or all three at once every other feeding, etc?
I’ve also noticed the second plants “stalk”(?) is starting to fuzz, what is that? I’ll take a pic when I get home. And finally, what can I do to produce a healthy harvest?

Thanks in advance for your answers and sorry this was so long. I’m just excited to finally be growing🤣

Welcome to the forum @WTAllah
Sounds like your on the right track can you post a picture of the plants so i can see what we are dealing with ?


Had to turn the light off. The last pic is of the plant with broken off fan leaf. The 8th pic is of the guy who started to stand, also in question about the fuzzy stuff. The 11th pic is of the one that’s just above the cube. Noticed while taking pics the fan leaves are opening. That’s not perlite in the hole that’s the plant. I can take better pics if need be. The rest of the pics are of my pot set up, germination, and how far I had the light away from the plants. After taking the pics I raised it about two inches. Hope this helps, if not say so and I’ll take a bunch more flicks. Thanks for taking the time out to respond too, I really appreciate it

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Welcome @WTAllah they’re coming along. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.


Thanks a lot @Covertgrower. I guess my only question right now would be how to save the plant that hasn’t really cleared the top of the starter cube? I checked on em today before work and that plant in particular looks like it’s struggling to open up and fan out. It IS growing though, just don’t want to stunt it’s growth or lose a plant you know?

Other than that I read that if growing autos under an LED that I would need to add cal mag, it arrived today along with my fan/charcoal filter set up. How do I feed it the cal mag? Do I wait the 2-3 wks for the FFHF to lose more of its nutrients before I add it? Also I brought the FF trio pack. In a few wks, can I start adding the big bloom, and if so what’s the feeding schedule for best results?

@WTAllah since you’re in ocean forest soil, it’s very rich in nutrients and, yes you can get away with just Ph’d water 6.0-6.5 for right now. Your plant can survive just fine until she starts to get quite a bit larger and her nutrient requirements become higher.
The fox farms trio is good, I’ve used it, and got excellent results. I would highly recommend to pick up some bloom boosters that come in the powder form from them. Potassium, and phosphorus are most important during flowering. (Much later) it’s good to be prepared though. Beastie blooms, is one, if your budget allows, you could up all three.

You can follow the fox farms feeding schedule, for the most part. Since this is an autoflower you might need to add some of the flower nutrients earlier, but that’s no big deal, when you see pistils start you’ll know to skip ahead to flowering nutrients.
I hope this answers your questions. Happy growing.

Welcome! Congrats on getting started. Seems u did a lot of reading before getting started.

U are off to a great start. Since u r growing autos in FF soil your plants won’t need nutes until they begin to flower. When u start to see white pistils u can feed at 1/2 strength and start at the transition phase in their schedule. I use a different line but most schedule things a lot alike. Autos don’t like really strong nutes which is why I suggest u start at 1/2 strength and see how they respond. I up mine until I get just the very tips to turn yellow with nute burn and I stop at that strength. That will b a different level for every plant not just every strain.

The most important thing u can do now is make sure not to overwater. Which looks like u r doing great from your pics. Let them dry out between waterings. It’s good for them. There is no water schedule imo again it’s different for every plant. They will tell u when they need water the plant will feel light, it’s dry, heavy it’s wet. And have plenty of the right lights. Equipment wise U should b good and knowledge wise u r in the right place.

Good luck on your first grow. If u need to get someone’s attention just tag them like I will u here. @WTAllah


@anon95385719 @Covertgrower

Ok I figured it out. The third plant that hasn’t gone above the starter cube…it’s upside down. I turned the grow light off and put on a regular light and…what looks like perlite, is actually the seed. The plant grew down into the cube and came back up and is mostly green(yellowing tips tho).

My question is do I get some tweezers uproot it and replant it? Or do I sprinkle some soil over it, cover the seed, and leave enough around the actual plant as if to make it think it just reached topsoil? I think imma just do that but I’m asking. Not gonna wait long either, will be taking care of it tonight I…just need some advice about it lol. @anon95385719 yea I did a lot of reading. A friend of mine gave me some seeds like the beginning of winter last year and I sat on em. Finally said f### it and got the tent and everything I need. This is technically my first grow but second try. I had some good strains and I germed them, they all popped and I put them in some Scott’s bs, but buried them too deep. My girl kinda laughed at me about it so I got professional, brought my gear set it up got some crazy sounding a## autos and now their growing. I’m just surprised at how fast though, way quicker than regular seeds. GMO ain’t no joke​:rofl::rofl:.

Just wanted to say thanks again for responding. For the record I’m changing the water scheme. I usually water omwt work, and again after class like 8-9pm if they look like they need it(I don’t water in am if I do this). I’m just gonna water it every other day in the morning. Here’s some more pics of they’re progress. image|666x500

@WTAllah if you think you can cautiously move it, with out incident you can do it. Otherwise you could cover it with soil. I lost one because I didn’t know it came up upside down! The tap root was straight up!

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The whole thing or leave some room for the top?

I would try to get her straight. But only if u think u can do it carefully. This is when people break their necks. And their little heads pop off.

Just a heads up. They will warn u if they see the curse words in the post. I would edit them out.


As long as the two root is facing down. Maybe a picture will help? @WTAllah

Post 9 is a pic of it


I just blew it up kinda big. U have to do something Bc the tap is exposed and it will dry out super quick.


I thought that was a picture of it. @anon95385719 it’s difficult to discern from that image. I just saw some leaves.

Look just left of the green leaf u can see the tap.

Ok so this might get a little complicated but is that a cotyledon coming out of the seed head? That’s a large cot if it is and the other one must be caught in the shell and will have to b let free or u will loose the leaf and the plant can runt.

That could also b why your tap is upside down. It’s looking for light and can’t get it from the right end

Sweet. Good looks

Ok. First the good looks was for the heads up, I apologize to everyone. Second, boom. So I gave it one spray in the pot and took out the starter cube, put it on a wet napkin on a saucer. Pics included. Turns out it was the shell. I tried to pick it up with the tweezers and it was rooted, thinking hmm it’s just stuck, kinda oval out the hole gave it a small squeeze and was going back in with the tweezers when it fell off the plant. I took it out of the hole. The plant is green all the way around. Two sprays into the hole and put the cube back, brought more soil around it and put it in the tent. The underside looked kinda dewy if that even makes sense. Overall though I’m so glad it still has a fighting chance. Thanks a lot Just, frfr