First time grower. Just looking for opinions


Here is the most likely cause of your issue. Not pH ing the water is the problem!

If you are using tap water and nutrients there is no telling what the pH is and it is harming your plants!

You need a pH meter or at a minimum a ph test kit, ph up and down and calibration fluid. Here are some options.

Apera pH Meter

ph and tds meters

ph meter only

pH Test drops 1 ounce

ph up & Down with test kit

7.0 calibration fluid

You can also get ph testers and ph up and down at your local pet stores that sell supplies for fish.

I would recommend not giving anymore anything until you have properly ph’d your water and nutrients.



@bob31. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I water with great value brand distilled water as i was told it has a ph of 6.5. But I will definitely get the stuff I need. Thank you!


Distilled water is supposed to have a pH of 7 @zachwils95 too high for Cannabis

For soil, they need 6.5 pH


BTW I use the $11 meter and it works fine!


Makes sense as to why I’m having issues then! I will get a meter asap.


Ordered! Will be here friday!


@bob31 got the meter In today. Tested the runoff watering with distilled water. No nutes. Ph was 6.77.


what is the pH of the distilled water? @zachwils95


It was 7.3. @bob31


What did you adjust the pH to for watering? btw thats higher than my tap water is!


I did not. I don’t know where to start, because I didn’t know the current ph. I just used the straight distilled water. I have the ph up and down. Should I go down and flush them? Sorry, I haven’t done anything with ph, so this is new to me. @bob31


Why distilled? Use tap water…one…way cheaper…and two…u have the tester and pH up and down. It really is very simple. I am new to it as well. Try using a bucket full and experiment with that…then u can see just how much up or down u actually need. Rather than going Willie nillie into your main bucket/tote or whatever u get your water from. Just my thoughts :slight_smile:


I could be wrong…


You need to adjust the water or nutrient mixes to 6.5 pH @zachwils95 for all of the nutrient to be properly absorbed the water and nutrients need to closely match their pH. @zachwils95

When you don’t get the pH adjusted properly you can have all sorts of nutrient issues.


@bob31 got the runoff to 6.5 using plain ph’d water. How long should I wait before using nutes again? One plant in particular is yellowing incredibly fast.


As soon as they are dry enough. Get some good air circulation going around the base of the pots, help them dry out faster. @zachwils95 Give them nutrients as soon as reasonably possible.


They are looking better already. The yellowing seems to have stops. I think they are getting less yellow. @bob31 thank you for all the help! I really appreciate it. It would have been terrible to lose the plant so late in!


Ok @zachwils95 sounds good, glad to help. Everything is gonna be fine!


I am running a T5 8 blub system, my first run was with blueberry Kush and they (3 plants) yielded 21 grams, I was happy with that buds were a OK


Just an update guys. I ended up getting 8.5 oz dry total from 5 plants. Not to shabby. Thanks again for everyone’s help!


Mix and match. I have my old CFL’ as side lighting and LED’s above.