First time grower. Just looking for opinions


best of luck! from what i’m reading, they have awesome outputs, but don’t include all spectrum wanted for Flowering, so some supplemental light might not be a bad idea. Im goonna just add those florescence with it and see what happens.


You can get soft pots on Amazon for under 20 for 5 pots search 247 brand :+1:


Yes, that is why I have the Florescent t5’s for side lights. I also have some regular grow lights to use as side lights. They add the spectrum that might be missed with the led lights.


@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks! I’ll look into that.

@cyberblast Thats my plan as well, ill have 2 T8’s on either side.


Alright guys! Got that light and getting it all ready. Soaked three seeds for 36 hours. one Cracked, the other two did not. I got them put in Peat pellets Early yesterday morning. One has sprouted up, another has just started to push up, and the last hasn’t shown any movement, but i’m sure its coming. i got a bag of FFOF and a bag of perlite and mixed them 80% OF to 20% perlite. just getting it ready for transplant when the time comes.


Can anyone give me a little advice on this one? So these seedlings are 3 days old in peat pods and the tap root has already come out the bottom of 2 of them. Should I go ahead and put them I soil? Will the FFOF be too strong for them or will they be Okay? Thanks guys!


I think they would be okay as long as you dont add any nutes to the soil for a couple of weeks and you put them there. But will tap some folks that are far more experienced growers than I am to give you their opinion.
Good luck

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@Countryboyjvd1971 you’ve commented on this on before. I will leave this one to you.

Congrats on the new grow @zachwils95


IMO the ffof is to hot for seedlings


Yea, I didnt think about that. That is why it you shouldnt nute when using it right away. But he has to do something. Caint leave the plants where they are. What would you suggest? He could get a basic dirt from grow supply that isnt as hot and transplant into that. I am using what he is and put my small grow seedlings into it and had no problem. They have grown okay in FFOF. They werent stunted or burned. Grew fast too. But I put no nutes and plenty of water at first.

Latest photo and growing well. Dont want to hijack his thread, but showing how my plants did in FFOF dirt. 5 gallong bag. t5 the time. now about 17 days old. at the time of the photo about 14 or 15 days old. Transplanted them into the dirt at about 10 days old. 10 days from showing head.
That is what he has, needs to know where to go then?


@zachwils95 I would use a starter soil myselbivw started I ffof and some strain don’t mind but some do
And yes I would get that into a pot asap


Thanks, that is why I tagged you to help him. You know far more than I do. Yea, I started my seedlings in the FFOF but I didnt know any better. I mixed up my first grow dirt and didnt know any better there. Just glad my plants have survived it. Mostly luck and alot of help…from you and others. @Countryboyjvd1971 You guys saved my grow and I wanted to make sure this guy had his saved. My recommendation since I didnt know better, might have sunk his just going by my experience. So thanks.

This been a heck of a week. Actually, this whole month. My main grow still has a long way to go and my mini me grow is growing well. Going to cruise the forum and see what I can learn.


Like @Countryboyjvd1971 said some strains like it some don’t. Me I use ff light warrior, it’s a seed starter. I’ve killed a few seeds in ffof and I wil not put seedlings in it. Better off going to the dollar store and getting the water retaining soil with little to no nutes in it. I’m useing it now because I ran out of light warrior last week.


Thanks guy, @Wishingilivedina420state for the info. I didnt know what kind to tell him to put it in. That helps alot. Glad you guys chipped in. You guys know your stuff. I will help when I can, but I know enough to get myself into trouble.


Thanks for all the great info! Sorry for the delay. Internets been out. Cable c0mpany had to order me a new modem. So I couldn’t check the forum, but the roots continue to grow out of the pellets. I went ahead and threw them in the FFOF. I wouldn’t have if I could have checked the forum, but oh well. One of the plants had a root go through a crack in the tray I had them in, and when I picked it up, it snapped that root off. It’s been 2 days since it broke, it’s a little behind the others and it’s slightly yellowing. You guys think it will pull through, or should I get a nother seed started?



@zachwils95 If that was the tap root, it likely wont make it. If it does survive it wont grow well. Getting the tap root chopped on any plant is a baddy for the plant. Wouldnt hurt to start that other seed, I guess.


I was thinking the same. If it does make it, Can’t really hurt to have an extra plant,


So the plant that i broke the root on seems to have started growing again. Pretty well. The leaves have rounded tips though with is pretty weird. They all seem to have taken to the FFOF pretty well. No signs of any burning anyway.


This is where we are now.