First time grower issues

So yesterday I noticed that my plants were starting to look a little droopy. I did some research and think I was over watering them. I had a plastic cup over them until last night keeping the moisture in. I took the cup off and brought the LED light to 25" from the plants . The front 2 are doing much better than the back 2 but they are still dropping . 77 degrees in grow tent and 38% humidity.

@Miagrace16 . it sounds like the lite was to close to start with .and remember no nutes till 3-4 leaf sets . and watch out so you don’t over water …i like using a spray bottle at that size …Good growing… Hammer

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I have been using a spray bottle . I started the light at 18" . I’m still waiting to start nutes. Do you think 25" is ok for the light currently or should I raise it?

@Miagrace16 all sounds good … as to the lite height iam shooting from the hip a little as i don’t use leds .But i read a lot on this forum about them .and have seen picts of plants that were bleached looking do to, too close leds . but it seems the accepted norm for them on little seedling’s 18-24" inches . theres a gal on the forum that seems to have a good knowledge on them .ill @ her . LOL . @Iva .iva may be able to confirm this tho . and id raise the humidity . can you get it to 85-90% RH Happy growing .Hammer

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I’m curious, if you suspected they were over watered why would you put cups over them to keep the moisture in?

I already had the cups on . I took them off when I thought I was over watering then .

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The look fine, maybe lights were to close, however I do agree with @Hammer if you can get humidity around 80-99% for seedlings they’ll do best (the cup idea will work for now just not much longer)

What kind of LEDs are you using? i blamed lights too close for a lot of other things like too much water or nutes. I think once they dry up a little they will bounce back.

I am keeping mine at about 10" away and they are killing it for only 2 weeks old.

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I’m using Mars hydro 192 thank you for the info!!

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Thats a great light over 400 true watts 18-24 for veg id raise that puppy up its a very good light

This my help


That’s a great find ! Thank you! What does the RH stand for ? Is that humidity?

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Yes relative humidity

Relative humidity=RH

Ouh yes ! Ok thank you ! Very helpful

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I see this question all the time ! This chart should be a sticky maybe ?! …good looking out Brian! :thumbsup:

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There auto flower so ignore the 12/12 part run them 18/6 or 20/4 i like 18/6 myself

I am doing 18 / 6 . Do they make a humidifier that you can set the RH you want and it kicks on and off?

Now I realize different manufacturers may have different recommendations but Mars Hydro is pretty standard for that picture I posted

I am not sure ive never used of my tent stays at 33-40RH all day and night it works for my girls

My tent stays around 38% but I here a lot of people want higher

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