First Time Grower (indoors) - Nutrient Help Please

Hey I Need some help, 1st time grower indoors I’m using coco soil but never used BAC products before they are ‘coco A’ ‘coco B’ and ‘veg C’ could use some tips and maybe a growing chart on these 3 products for best way to start out thanks

They have a feed chart on their website. Can’t directly link, but here’s a screenshot.

is the A an B mixed together in the same litre of water to be used? and the small bottle of VEG-C what is that used for during the grow?

I didn’t see Veg C on the website nutrient schedule.

Looks like veg-c is new product and they probably don’t have schedules updated. I was able to find it though, in description said designed for use in coco at .5ml/liter.

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Okay thanks, am i supposed to mix the BAC A&B together in the 1 Litre of water ?
Or is it just 1 product i use ?

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Looks like the schedule suggested mixture of both and gave a range. Obviously the mixture is per liter, and your plants will probably require more than a liter soon, if not already.

If you’re not in tune with mixing plant nutrients, check youtube or something for some tutorials. I’m sure there are a bunch, would get you up to speed pretty quickly.

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