First time grower. Indoor/outdoor

Hey everyone first time grower here. On day 15 of flower of ILGM Blue Dream Feminized.

Having a ton of fun!

I move the plant outdoor for 10-12 hours of full sun weather permitting then back indoors at night.

So far so good.

Using the fox farm trio.

First pic is after defoliation first week of flower.
Using 3 gallon pot and coco.

Here are some pics of day 15 of flower.

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Here are the day 15 of flower


Hello welcome to the forum you have a nice plant there

Welcome to forum you will love it

Thanks! I’m excited to smoke but am actually just having a great time growing it.


Oh ya I just keep finding places to grow more it’s very fun

For sure. I’m definitely happy with the genetics I picked up here as well.


Welcome to the community happy plant.