First Time Grower - In Need of Some Assistance

Hi ILGM Community!

I am first time grower and probably should have reached out for help a little sooner… but here I am.

I am growing 4 outdoor White Widow Autoflowers in upstate NY. They sprouted 5/21, so we’re at about the 7.5 week mark. I am using Brut Worm Castings Super Soil Concentrate mixed about 50/50 with organic potting soil in 3 gallon grow bags. I haven’t applied any additional nutrients (should I have?), and did not do any pest mitigation prior to the beginning of flowering because I didn’t notice many issues… and wouldn’t have known what to do anyhow. My research has had me hesitant to attempt such measures due to the maturity of the plants.

So now the plants are definitely showing some sign of wear, either from pests or some combination of pests + environment. I am also curious about the general well-being and development of the plants. They are each unique in their growth - one is much taller, one is developing the most substantial buds, and one has a yellower hue. Any guidance or insight would be very much appreciated. I posted some pictures below…

I have just started 5 new autoflowers (super lemon haze & gold leaf), so I am looking to leverage everything I learn during the first grow to make this next one more successful.

Thank you in advance for your time, attention and wisdom!

  • Matt

P.S. The white powder on the soil in a couple of these pics is some food grade DE that I delicately applied to just the soil this morning.



Welcome to the community ! You nailed it there is some kind of pest munching on the plants leafs.



Silica also helps with pest

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They look good, a little p&k won’t hurt to fatten up the buds in flowering stage

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Thank you Misterpants. What would be the means of administering P&K? Is there an effective organic method? Also, I have read that at the end of the flowering stage it is better to stop giving nutrients and flush with water… am I already at that point?

And is there a particular SILICA product you recommend?

Again, I’m new to all of this and just feeling my way through so far, so any and all help is appreciated.


Phosphorus encourages flowers to bloom and root growth , potassium helps plants fight diseases and take in other nutrients ( also helps dense up buds).
As for administrating p&k organically , I would recommend a compost , I use botanicare kind grow,base,and bloom, I know for a fact that these nutrients aren’t fully organic tho.
And your right about flushing towards harvest so probably for next time!
I recommend you use RAW SILICA from Amazon ( organic)

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They look like they still have quite a ways to go. Plenty of time to get rid of whatever is munching on your plans


Can the RAW SILICA be applied as a top dressing or by some other means at this point? Or is something that you have to mix into the soil at the beginning?

Oh, I see. The RAW SILICA is applied via watering. Cool!

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Yes , it’s recommended you use throughout the plants whole life cycle to really see results, there’s a lot of good benefits from using silica especially for outdoors

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Another vital key for soil


Awesome. It looks like the DYNOMYCO gets incorporated into the soil prior to planting though, yes?

I hope. Any suggestions as to how? TY!


A tablespoon of Epsom Salt to a gallon is all you need and 1/4 cup of milk for calcium and potassium Epsom Salt will boost your chlorophyll so the plants can get much bigger, plus the are pest deterants !


is that 1/4 cup of milk also per gallon?

Thanks yoshi. To be clarify, you’re suggesting dissolve 1Tbsp epsom to a gallon of water plus 1/4 cup milk? As in one big mixture? And then proceed to water each plant as needed?

Is this a 1 time treatment? Or to be repeated?

Sorry for so many questions. Just trying to get it right.

Thanks, Yoshi

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@yoshi hey man, sorry to jump in with MORE questions on this thread but I don’t want to mess anything up (ESPECIALLY Zoey!!! from ILGM :slight_smile: ). I just mixed up 6 gallon jugs of your 1Tbsp Epsom, 1/4cup milk for the 6 girls out back, will have to immediately do 3 more for Amy Lee, SLH, and Teensy. My QUESTION is, is Zoey too young to give say, just a syringe full of this formula? She’s actually about 2 inches taller than this pic, and just got a new dome today because of that, lol: What did i do? LOL - #206 by TheVirginian ^^last pic i took of her just 2 or 3 days ago

What Yoshi is having you do is make a home made calmag. So use it as such. Anytime you aren’t adding nutrients you can add it. Altho maybe not a tbsp every water. I use jacks which only calls for 1.2g/G. A tbsp is like what? 7-8g?


@TheVirginian if you adding calmag don’t used the milk and you can do 7ml of Epsom Salt which is a half tablespoon are 15mls every other watering which is about 850-1100 ppm so make sure you monitoring your ppm if you adding nutrients or supplements are don’t go higher than 1.5 EC 2000us/cm hope this helps :wink:!

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