First time grower in need of some advise re harvesting times

Hello and thanks for having me here. I am a first time grower living in the South of France. I planted an 8 Ball Kush and a Tropicanna Banana back in the Spring. They are in large grow pots on a terrace that gets a lot of sun. The weather here has been very odd this year and this morning we had torrential rain, I managed to get them inside but not before one large branch broke. I have strapped it up, applied honey and am waiting to see if it will hold as it had a huge cola on it.
My question relates to harvest, I would like to try and do this sooner rather than later as a. the weather is very mixed and b. I have to go away for a couple of weeks so if you could be very kind and try and tell me how far off harvest I am it would be greatly appreciated. I will post a picture of both plants and a couple of buds. I have been checking the trichomes and they are milky but not amber yet and the Tropicana Banana still looks a way off but I may be wrong. Normally the weather here is good until late October and though we are on red alert for flooding today it looks as if the sun will come back in a couple of days but in the mean time I will keep them indoors . Thanks in advance for any help you can offer, the whole process has been wonderful but I dont want to mess things up at the last moment.



The first 2 photos are the 8 Ball Kush and the second 2 the Tropicana Banana.


I still see white pistils in the first picture, so you have some time to go (weeks.) It’s a little hard to tell though as the rest of the pics look fairly matured. The plant’s trichomes will tell you when she is ready.

Get yourself a jeweler’s loupe or a portable microscope and begin measuring trichomes for your desired effect (cloudy versus amber.)

Here’s a guide to trichome maturity.

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Thank you for your response. I have seen the guide and am checking with a lupe . It appears that the Sativa trichromes are just starting to go brown on the top and the Indica are still milky so I will give the Sativa a few more days in the sun to dry out after the rain and then harvest and then give the Indica a few more weeks until they begin to brown. Thank you for your advise. I have attached a couple more shots that I just took using a macro lens.


Gorgeous plants. Welcome!

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Looking great! Definitely have some more time to finish out.


Beautiful. Your far enough away that I wouldn’t even looking at trichomes yet. You’ll grow more bud stabbing right on top of that as it swells. Once your pistils are mostly browning then start looking. But again… Beautiful plants!


Thank you, I have very little idea of what I am doing but I have enjoyed the journey. I have to travel for 3 weeks so I am hoping it’s not too late to harvest on my return but will have someone watch over them.

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Thank you !

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That is good news !