First Time Grower in 3x3!

Have lots of both - but gets a little dicey with 12" of snow and freezing temps.

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Alright everyone,

Back for another Weekly Update.

This has been a better week for the plants. Outside temps are slowly cooling down from 90F(32C) so environmental control has increased slightly. I purchased the Inkbird Humidity controller, model IHC200, as my Taotronics humidifier wasn’t cutting it. I had high hopes for Taotronics as it came w/a built-in hygrometer to help climate control. To my knowledge, the hygrometer was off by an average of 15% and sometimes up to 30% below the actual RH. I figured if I purchased a humidity controller, it could help decrease the range of RH fluctuation. After setting up and plugging in my humidifier, everything ran perfectly for about 30 minutes. Once the RH hits the desired range, the controller cut the power to the humidifier, as it should. I assumed it would turn it back on once the RH fell too low. Unfortunately, the humidifier didn’t kick on when it should’ve. Long story short, this model humidifier isn’t compatible w/an external controller & I had to purchase another humidifier. Since then, RH has been much more stable w/less fluctuation.

Data for the Week: 10/10 - 10/16

Temps (Fahrenheit): 83.1 / 97.2 / 63.7 ( AVG / High / Low )

RH (%) : 59.4 / 74.9 / 34.6 ( AVG / High / Low )


Plants were watered three times this week, 10/10 10/13 10/15, w/ 10/10 being the nutrient feed

10/10: Filtered tap water pH’ed to 6.55 @ 628PPM

Big Bloom ~ 3mL/4L

Grow Big ~ 2mL/4L

Tiger Bloom ~ 2mL/4L

CALMAG ~ 2.5mL/4L

10/13: Filtered tap water pH’ed 6.51

I collected a small amount of runoff:

Left plant pH 5.93 @ 2706PPM

Right Plant pH 6.43 @ 2709PPM

I thought these PPM levels were higher than usual so I took the precaution of not giving nutrients on their next feeding. This was a mistake as the initial PPM measurements were incorrect. I had left the runoff from previous waterings in the drip tray and I assume it had dried up leaving the remaining minerals behind. This must-have caused a higher than unusual PPM reading.

10/15: Filtered tap water pH’ed 6.36

CALMAG ~2mL/3.5L

The plants just finished up their first week of flower! I believe I have one confirmed female! Still waiting for the other plant to show some signs.


Looking good and glad to know about the taotronics humidifiers. They were 1 of 3 on my radar to get.

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Do you think the lower leaf yellowing and burnt tips is stress / heat related? Sometime the stress will mess with potassium update which will also cause the same type of leaf discolorations. Thoughts anyone else? @Covertgrower @Watt-Sun @FlxerPower

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Looks like a mag deficiency with the fading leaves and purple stems


I think the heat can be contributing to the yellowing and burnt ends. I also think underfeeding the girls in terms of nutrients could be causing some of the signs. I’ve been trying not to give too much nutrients in hopes of not burning them but I’ve ended up starving them. This is just my opinion and I’m sure there will be others with more experience who will have a better idea as to what is going on.

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I don’t think it’s a heat related issue. I don’t go above 88° they seem to be pretty good. Not sure where yours is at.
Honestly it just looks like under canopy dying off from not enough light. The plant will selectively kill off a leaf or two occasionally.


Hey everyone, back with another weekly update!

The girls just finished week 2 of flower and they are getting big! I’d say they grown about 4" since the start of flower. I haven’t done much defoliation since flipping to 12/12. I will do a significant amount of defoliation after week 3 of flower.

Data for the Week: 10/17 - 10/23

Temps (Fahrenheit): 80.9 / 93.7 / 64.6 ( AVG / High / Low )

RH (%) : 56.0 / 68.0 / 36.1 ( AVG / High / Low )


Plants were watered four times this week: 10/17 , 10/19 , 10/21 , 10/23

10/17: Water pH’ed to 6.24 @ 951PPM

Big Bloom: ~7.5mL

Grow Big: ~ 5mL

Tiger Bloom: ~5mL

10/19: Water pH’ed to 6.42

Runoff: Left plant pH 5.98 @ 653PPM

          Right Plant pH 6.05 @ 629 PPM

10/21: Water pH’ed to 6.34 @ 929PPM

Big Bloom: ~7.5mL

Grow Big: ~5mL

Tiger Bloom: ~5mL

10/23: Water pHed to 6.56

Runoff: Left plant pH 6.11 @ 942PPM

          Right Plant pH 6.12 @ 774PPM


First off I agree with @Covertgrower, nothing to worry about…sorta.

Your under feeding. your run off should be 1250 they are hungry, see how yellow the new growth is. Bump that up asap.

Sorry to hear about your humidfior controller, honestly I learned the same thing with my duel inkbird (does duel humidity, duel temp or temp and humidty) most humidifiers don’t turn on as soon as they are plugged in so it’s better to buy one with a large tank and an accurate sensor ideally evaporative but cool mist is second best.
Remeber that misting humidfiors will send calcium and other dissolved particles of your water into the air and your filter will suck them up slowly clogging it. This is important to understand, try to only run your filter in flower.

Here is the fox farm adjusted scedule.


Yeah, I figured I was still underfeeding. I’m gunna bump up the nutrients this next feed. I appreciate all the help & patience y’all have given me. It’s been greatly appreciated!

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