First time Grower- I thought this was gonna be easy


Tell your buddy you set up some surveillance cameras in/around your grow area. It’ll keep them following your rules/schedule. Tell them it’s to keep an eye on the lights & stuff from a remote location.


The only thing you can do is wait til the 8th week and see where ya trics are if they are still mostly clear then I would just leave them till I got back. A little couch lock is better than cutting earlier and getting minimal effects.


I agree with the other members. From my limited experience I would say you could continue straight pH watering through your trip and then come back and probably be ready to cut. It’s definitely not going to hurt to look at the flowers up until your travel time before you decide. Good luck keep us posted.


@raustin @AmnesiaHaze @FloridaSon @Oldstoner @Nug-bug @neckNflu I appreciate all the feed back, being the first time growing, i had no idea i would need this much time in general. So it seems like everyone is saying leave them intact until i get back from my trip that will be a total of 12 weeks of Flower time, can that ruin a harvest by having “bake” for so long? Also, I will know more by week 7 or 8 i’m just trying to get all my ducks in a row ahead of time. Also, ideally how long does it take to dry, i know thats a loaded question as well, but if i hang them upside down with a little breeze not much in a closer or a tent… any idea?


Many variables that affect time frame.

I generally expect a week for hanging in what I consider to be a cool dark space with air movement. That time is determined by the humidity and temp I have at the time.

I plan on 4 to 7 days after the hang for the bag, rolling the buds a couple times a day. Some buds will feel dry while you can still feel a hint of moisture in the bigger, denser buds.

Then I’m usually ready for the cure in a jar. I will usually start on the smallest buds at that time for a little sample. To fully understand how much a cure does, smoke a small bud when you jar them.

For the first week of cure, I burp my jars 2 times a day for around 15 - 20 minutes. This allows for air exchange and to allow the extra moisture to escape the jar.

After a week I take another sample and then reduce burping to once a day. You will notice a difference in taste by now bringing out more flavor besides chlorophyll.

Another week and I reduce burping to once a week. Of course another sample is taken! By that time, I am usually to the point that the jar is only open long enough to select a bud and then back into cool dark storage.

I hear Boveda packs work wonders…


@FloridaSon thats awesome man, thanks for the explanation, deff gonna use that strategy.


@FloridaSon hey rereading your post " I plan on 4 to 7 days after the hang for the bag, rolling the buds a couple times a day." can you farther explain that one, i thought the buds went from hanging to straight into the jar. I am not criticizing at all i just don’t know about it and i’d hate to miss a step.


Sorry for the delay. Took my great grandson on a ride in the forest so he could see the fire from a controlled burn. He’s only 4, so thought it was pretty cool.

The paper bag isn’t necessarily a step. My personal preference is to finish my dry in a brown paper bag. If your buds are dry enough after hanging you can go right in the jar.

I put them in the bag to slow down the end of the dry. Give them a little more time to process the sugars more.

The little shake is to move the buds around to help avoid any remaining moisture from developing into mold. It also makes the little trim I couldn’t remove stick to the bud giving it a denser appearance.

I don’t need pretty to boost sales since I don’t sell, but it’s cool to see eyes light up when first seeing the end product.

Take what advice you can get and piece together what works for you. The best method for me isn’t the best way for everyone. We try to guide you to what works best in your world. :wink:

I hope this makes my method more clear in your mind…


@FloridaSon Thats great advice, i will deff be tagging you in future post and photos if thats cool.


@Swiss @FloridaSon
Swiss hope you following my new to this world also, I Have not been lead wrong with Floridason, @raustin @Budbrother


Good bud always deserves a good cure @FloridaSon


I’d let a friend burp my jars for 2 weeks long before I’d let one tend to my ladies, unless that individual grows as well. My luck I’d come home to nute fried plants cause they didn’t notice the 10x flashing on the meter OR never use a meter at all. You think someone can’t screw up ph’d water; then you really don’t know people.


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Hey Fellers, i know i gave yall some pics the other day, but I took some more this morning and got a few different angles and a few other plants, the clarity isn’t the bust due to the camera and the HPS light. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks of Flowering, anyone have a guess on want to make a prediction on total time before Harvest?


You’ve still got weeks to go, @Swiss. Those buds are going to put on weight in the next few weeks.


Use the tungsten camera filter to correct the light. Looking good and probably about a month to go. How many weeks into flowering are you?


At four weeks, you can probably expect that many more. I can’t see the images today so far, but 8 weeks of flowering is pretty standard. Some say 6, but I like them honeyed up.


Yeah man you still got a long time and on top of that I have been growing 4 at the same time of the same strain in the same tent etc . etc. and the harvest time can differ by a couple of weeks . Like people in the same family are tall and short blond or dark haired they mature at different rates and all info is a average with some sooner and some needing extra time to be all they can be


@Oldstoner @Countryboyjvd1971 @FloridaSon @AmnesiaHaze @blackthumbbetty. Hey i started a new batch of GSCE seeds and one of them sprouted and it sprouted in a way I’ve never seen before, It only has one leaf, not even sure what to call it, not even sure if its bud, has anyone ever seen this or know what to do?


I’ve been seeing a few of these pop up lately. Just treat her like any other seedling and I think she’ll be ok.


I’ve never seen that before. I would expect a little stunting and begin feeding a little sooner than normal.