First time Grower- I thought this was gonna be easy


Splitting the stem is exactly what it sounds like. You take a sharp knife and split the main stem at the bottom of the plant. I’ve found this way to be a bit dangerous though, so prefer to drill with a 1/4" bit. You simply take your drill and make a hole straight through the stalk near the bottom of the plant. It seems to hasten the ripening of the trichomes while also making more resin.


@raustin do you do that the morning of or a couple days before? I have never heard of this very curious about it.


You should split the stem between 5 and 7 days before harvest, but no more than that.


@raustin after you drill your hole in the in the base of the plant, do you add any type of stint in the plant to keep the hole open or is hole from the bit strong enough?


No, you don’t need to do that if you drill, the hole will stay open by itself. Good luck, @Swiss, and show us a pic after you drill her.


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(I know this is wordy but i could really use the help)

Hey guys, I could use some major advice right now! On Friday I will be exactly at 8 weeks of Flowering, my White Widow Females. I usually water every 5 days, however, I plan to Harvest June 2nd and for everything to make sense I need to wait 6 days before the last watering, and another 6 days for a hardcore flush at the end… Yesterday after work I get home and I see pretty my one of my best plants dry as a bone on Day 6…like I said earlier I usually water at day 5. The leaves are all down or lifeless,
Side note- I have a friend who has been growing for several years in the early 2000’s before the advancement in technology and he said it my plant most likely need nine weeks. I am not so sure about that or can’t tell since this is my first time.
But like I said earlier, I get home and one of my best plants leafs look awful like their hanging on for dear life or about to die, so I started giving the plant a lot of water… the plant looks a little better today but feel like the damage may already be done. I could really use everyone’s help to tell me what to do to yield the best bud…
Does this look like It will bounce back? Based off the buds and what you can see in the photos does it look like it needs to go 9 weeks or 8 weeks… ? Am I in trouble right now?… any advice would surely be app and feel free to share.

Thanks in advance,


She looks very rootbound that’s why she needs more water, but I think she’ll perk up. It really doesn’t matter though because she’s going to be harvested very soon. Just keep giving her water, lots of water, and she should be fine till harvest. I can’t tell how many weeks she has left. I would need better pics of the buds and trichs to determine harvest time accurately.


It’s a shame you have to harvest. She definitely looks like she has a couple weeks of fattening up to go.


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I agree with the root bound. Nothing to do about that now. Next time you know you need a bigger pot. :wink:

I also agree with your buddy, but even he may be underestimating. Advertised flower times are usually averaged times for optimal conditions.

@raustin is correct about needing a better picture to judge stage of flower, but I offer this advice…

Your buddy has grown to harvest in the past. If you don’t have any reason to suspect him to burn you, trust his judgment. He can see them better than us. Pictures never do these girls justice!

I’m assuming you trust him, because he’s seen your girls. Once he says they look almost ready, cut her food and let her dry out.

I don’t flush, so I’ve omitted that step.

You can always take a bunch of pictures once he says they are about ready and post the most clear ones here for us to offer our opinions. We want to see them anyway! Lol

Almost there can seem like forever…


Well put. Never wiser words @FloridaSon :boom::+1:t3:

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Hey fellers, hope everyone is been doing well. Sorry i haven’t posted any pics of my harvest, i’ve been out of town. So i have a picture of my harvest 2 days after i cut it and 2 weeks later and i need some major help.

I had a buddy who I “Trusted” he was taking care of the bud while i was away i.e. finish drying it out and curing it. I got back last night and looked at my product and the quantity looks completely different or a lot less. I asked him if he took his share for helping me while i was away… he informed me he did not take any and there is a lot less due to it drying out. This is my first grow as we all know but i really feel like this dude just bent me over a barrel and screwed me. Can yall look at the two pics one like i said being right after the harvest and one two weeks later and see if it looks like it dried out that much or if this dude screwed me?

Thanks for your input and feel free to share or ask questions

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Um, no, that big jar should be almost half full similar to the first pic. Someone’s been in that jar.


Yeah man. That’s shady AF. Someone’s been in that jar…


No doubt lol


That big jar??? He had sticky fingers fo’sho, Guy. Ask him why the other jars look the same.


Yeah, he took his share.