First time Grower- I thought this was gonna be easy


Had a blue dream do that it was fine but was a little slower then the other 3 from that grow to mature


@Oldstoner @raustin any idea what causes that? I planted it in FFOF which has a lot of nutirents built in so i don’t want to add extra nutrients to it. I ma curious if this is even a GSCE seed, i sent an email to customer serice asking if it looked right, i’ll keep yall updated what they say.


It’s just genetics, nothing you can do about it, and it was nothing you did. My own seedling popped looking a little strange too, but she’s better now.


@raustin how long did it take for it to bounce back?


I still have some funky looking leaves on my plant, but she’s 24 days old now and she started looking like a normal plant after about 2 weeks.


alright cool, did you post any pictures or have any as it progrossed into a normal plant? Very curious the transformation for it.


I’ll tag you to my current journal. Hang on.


@raustin Loved how you named your plants. I have all of mine named as well. The two that are doing the best for me are Halle Berry and Groot, followed by Mother Teresa and Mt. Saint Helen… As of now thinking of 4 new names for the GSCE…

Thinking: Ginger, Matilda, Hope( for the plant with one leaf), and Aphrodites


I love those names! I think every plant deserves a name. I mean, they’re our babies, at least, until we kill them.


Yeah that’s have also seen a few youll be fine
May need to start feeding a little earlier then normal but i would just treat it normally myself


@Countryboyjvd1971 how long would you rec before feeding, the plant itself is only 8 days old?


We have two purple haze, four tomato plants and six of some kind of little flowers that my wife likes. I will run everything out of the tent when the PH gets big enough.


@Niala My husband and I are learning to grow and I am primarily interested in the medicinal benefits. I want to make meds and get away from Big Pharma. I was interested in your post because I didn’t know you could make THC oil. I thought it had to be hashish. So sorry that happened to you and hope you continue to be well.


@Oldstoner @Countryboyjvd1971 @raustin @FloridaSon. Hey fellas I’m attempting this message from my phone so hopefully it works. I am about 18 days from harvesting and I could use some advice. I have read several different posts from others about their harvest process and wanted to pick yalls brain, I did my last bath of nutes today…plan to water in 6 days reg water and 6 days after that do a heavy flush followed by letting the plant dry for six days and cut down June 2nd. Unfortunately I have to leave for a few weeks so it’s cruical for everything I cut no late then June 2. Which will be 73 days total in flowering. If any of y’all have any suggestions how to approach the next 18 days I’m all ears. Like I said this is my first time and I do a Tigerboom bath today.

Thanks in advance and anyone who wants to comment feel free.


Sorry bud but I’m the wrong guy to chime in here . I have only flushed a couple of times and that was to to correct a mistake in feeding to much . Search a subject posted by @Dumme call to flush or not to flush .
As far as harvest I dont follow a lot of the conventional ways either I harvest some earlier so it has a up buzz and let other plants go . Even if you harvest a week early your still going to have a better product than you can buy . Thr only change I make is back off feeding and once I split the stems 3 days prior but it didn’t seem to make a difference so I only did it once.


I think you have it figured out. The most difficult part is determining harvest day. So do your flushes and I would recommend splitting the stem if you see your trichs aren’t turning cloudy. The stem split will hasten ripening so you can harvest by your due date.


I agree with @raustin and your plan - I only give the plants brown sugar water the last couple of weeks - I haven’t tried an actual big flush but two solid weeks of no nutes seems to have worked fine. My weed smokes smooth with a lovely white ash. On top of the other advice - I also do 48 hours of darkness before the chop. Best of luck to you! :+1:t3:


If you already have your harvest date set, just use water as usual until a few days before the cut so she can start using up the moisture.

I prefer to pick at the time her scent is the most potent. Those times when she just blast you, even though you haven’t even touched her. Her Terpenes will be at their highest levels at those times, increasing the flavor profile.

If the space to hang has low humidity, I don’t do a wet trim to help keep her from drying out too quickly. Conversely, if the space has a higher humidity, a wet trim is almost essential to avoid mold.

I hang in a dark space with air circulating. I let them stay there until the pencil lead size limbs will crack. Then I finish any final trimming before placing them in a brown paper bag. This slows down the drying a little more. 3 or 4 times a day I will gently tumble the buds around with the bag open.

Air exchange is important because you no longer have airflow. The paper bag will continue to draw moisture out at a slow rate, but I’m usually in the jars around a week later. Those little buds that many people don’t like are my gauge for the jar.

When I can smoke a little larf bud and get a good ash instead of charred plant matter, the buds hit the glass for the cure in a cool dark place with proper burping.

Many have different methods and I hope you find what will work best for you…


@raustin hey what does it mean to “splitting the stem”?


Thanks everyone for the advice I sure appreciate it.