First time Grower- I thought this was gonna be easy

Oh yes yellow hanging pest strips & de. I sprinkle de all thru my soil. Welcome to forum, as you can see we like to talk cannabis


Im growing tomatoes :tomato: @Laurap hahahha


I never said i grew it. I just like to talk about it.


Right and imagine what it would be like @Laurap lol have a great day


You too. Gotta put on my public face now…would rather stay home & play! Amazing how early some folks seem to need alcohol in texas. Im of another persuasion.


I’m not sure what you mean by a pH scale.

That link will take you to the topic that has all kinds of visual information. There are a couple of different charts for pH as well as some other info that you may find helpful.

My connection here is spotty, but I respond to tags as soon as I am able…


@Niala @kabongster Hey thanks for all the feed back, i bought the DE, and some Mosquito Bits,yellow pads, and new soil, on amazon yesterday, along with PH tester and ph up and down, and some beach front property in North Dakota, plan to switch the plants to the new soil and larger pots Friday or Saturday, when it comes to the DE, do you just add the powder to the top of the soil or do you mix it with water and add it also how much do you add? In the mean time i made my own version of the yellow sticky pads i saw online by using a yellow sticky pad and rubbing petroleum jelly on it… Sorry for the third degree, just don’t want to ruin my progress… As of now after killing the two gnats i have not seen another one, but i’m sure they were busy laying some eggs. Thanks again for the advice



Just put the DE in a top soil application, a quarter to a half inch thick

And you’re welcome and welcome to ILGM forum :grinning:


@Swiss, Damn bugs! I would just sprinkle some on the surface of the soil. I’ve always spread it and not mixed it. @Laurap, I know what ya mean about an early start with the booze here in Texas. I sometimes have to haul them to the hospital after they tangle with heavy metal or a tree. I wish they would just smoke.


I have tried potatoes, DE and sticky traps and that didn’t seem to do the trick for me. I bought some gnat nix and that seems to work better because it doesn’t turn to clay once it gets watered like the DE does.



And sprinkle the Mosquito bits first in the soil and top soil before putting the DE


I have the same luck with gnat remedies, honestly, it’s my reliable “no luck”…

I let the soil dry out…in fact, when I think they are nice and dry and ready, I wait 1-2 more days to water.
I have sprinkled and sprayed DE and covered all the soil on top, made it look like a winter wonderland.
I have sprayed Neem Oil on the leaves.
I have cut up potato wedges and put them in/on the soil.
I have tried apple cider vinegar in a bowl cause the gnats love that.

and today, after all those remedies and over a month’s time, I saw a gnat this morning.
not a serious problem, at this time, but if you see one…

anyways, next infestation I am going to try the BTi mentioned earlier ( @Niala :wink:) , something else to buy,
something like this


Outta likes as usual :roll_eyes: :wink::innocent:

Great product too, @kabongster, in fact, that’s the one I will use next time even if it’s a bit pricey than the mosquito bits one


I even insist on a desginated driver before they get plastered but normally busy before boats go out to fish.

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Hey Hey, good to see ya back and active my friend @FloridaSon , how do you do buddy :grinning:


Been better and worse. We ALL know how that goes. :wink:

Fighting data reception as usual since hurricane Matthew.

Dropped 4 Blueberry autos today, so things are looking up. I hope your headaches are doing better.


@FloridaSon are you still In Florida and if so How deal with the High Humidty?



It’s stable now but I was hospitalize in november due to too much THC, I did an essay with 30mg/ml THC oil and I try the equivalent of 2 grams in one shot, bad idea… lol :wink: :innocent: Had to stay away for 1 month clear of any cannabis and alcool and my CH came back at they full force, since I was instruct to also be clear of the usual treatement for my headaches…

Anyway, every thing is stable now with a relief of around 40% with new strains that come from my dispensary…

If you start a grow journal, please tag me brother :laughing: :wink: :grinning: :innocent: :v:

Be safe my friend :grinning: :innocent:


Lol…I plan on being in Florida until I die. Pruning is the only thing I can do about our high humidity.

The humidity is only a real issue if you don’t have good airflow. LST and thoughtful pruning is a must if you live in a climate like we have here.

Sativa naturally grow well in a tropical climate, so strain choice can be important as well.

Beyond that advice, pH and nutrients. Give the girls what they need and they can endure a lot of challenges.



Too much THC?!?! That’s one of the reasons I’m hesitant about the concentrates.

I don’t see how you can get too much in a whole plant form. But once you process it and concentrate it, it seems like all kinds of problems can arise.

Many people couldn’t understand how it wasn’t easy to link cancer to smoking weed. Come to find out, marijuana also has a compound that is anti-carcinogenic. Is that part eliminated in the process of refinement? I don’t know.

I prefer whole plant use which is why I don’t like the medicinal law we have here. Buds are still illegal even though the uneducated population here thought that’s what they were voting to be legal.

I’m sorry you had to go through all that. I still think a low dose of mushrooms would be best for your condition, though I understand why you don’t go that route.

I’m not sure if I’ll be doing a journal. I learned last year that I’m just as bad at keeping notes as I was in school. Lol

Plus, my spotty internet connection keeps me frustrated when trying to post and upload images. This is the main reason I’m not here as much as I was before. We come here to alleviate stress, not add to it. :wink:

If I do decide to do one I will make sure to tag you to it…

Here I go again with a good example of my frustration! I’ll keep trying to get this response to load. Three attempts, 20% battery loss and still can’t get a simple response with no images to post. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: