First time grower i need some help with my girl

Anyone have an idea what’s going on with my girl

That dropping almost look likes she starting to become root bound , what size is that smart pot ? You might want to consider transplanting if the dropping don’t get better ?

Also consider some light defoliation for plant

It is a 15 gal smart pot … Wat pot size do you recommend

30 gallon toy box or 55 gallon trash can lol, is guess 3 things, transplant, nitrogen deficiency, and a cal mag deficiency, transplant looks most likely

This is my first time grow an I have a ph problem to much akline how. Do I sort this an am use canna nutrients now when it comes to veg stage do I mix a and b with the others or do I do the others separate help ??

what do u guys think this is my winter grow her in cali