First time grower. How’s it look?

I’m totally new at this. I’m using Girl Scouts. This is 7th week. Transitioning to 12/12 today. Those are 12” pots. Miracle grow, using b’cuzz , along with soil acidifier. Under double cmh650 watt. I’ve heard the growth is going to explode under 12/12?


If you could I’d try some training techniques to increase bud sites before flipping to 12/12. Fabric pots are perfect for cannabis. The larger the pot, the larger the plant. Miracle Gro is a terrible choice for cannabis because its’ PH is way too acidic for it. You will be chasing all kinds of problems all the way to harvest. Better to, again, pot up using something like Fox Farms Happy Frog. Do some supercropping and topping and you’ll have 50 bud sites on each plant.

Plan on a prolonged flush at harvest to leach salts out of your soil. When the time comes, tag one of us.

They have been tipped this week. I’ve been all over the ph monitoring. Without acidifier, they are neutral, 7.0. I’ve also been pinching, bending, and manipulating. Will probably transition to big cloth pots in a few weeks. Thanks!

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Are these autos or photos? Because you posted in the auto section but autos don’t need to be flipped.
I echo the above words of wisdom.

Autos don’t like much stress but that soil is a no no as are the pots.

Ph to 6.2-6.8 in soil.

I’m also first time grower using autoflower seeds and 1 blueberry , been looking at pictures and mine really really don’t look big enough for 8 weeks , also managed to snap the top off one, totally devastated, any advice would be great