First time grower, how do my girls look?

I started this group on November 8th with soaking seeds for 48 hours. So they are about 3 weeks old. How are they looking? Do you think they are now out of the seedling stage?


They look just perfect.


I’m not sure what the term seedling signifies to you. They certainly are not adult, but you’ve gotten past the stage of worrying if they will make it.

They look healthy and fine.

They seem to be doing just fine. Definitely in veg now, out of the scariest part of the woods at least. :v: happy growing

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They look good ur on ur way how often do you water them the soil looks abit dry

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I water until damp then wait until dry . Suggestions on watering?


Keep doin what ur doin ,the only thing i would do when u water ,water half of the pot so from the plant to half way out to the side