First time am I doing?

This is my very first grow. All seems to be going well, but I have no experience/don’t know otherwise, if something looks off or if I’m good to go thus far.

Soil: miracle grow organic (I know I know but it’s all I could really find/afford)

Light system: LED 300w
Temps; 72-75
Humidity; 35-44

Ventilation system; no, in large open room.

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: no

Co2; No


Looks like your doing a great job to me


Hope this doesn’t sound stupid, but keep in mind, COMPLETE NEWBIE HERE…

…So this is the veg stage, correct? I’ve got the 300w led hanging about 14 inches away from the top of the plants. I’m doing the 18/6 cycle at the moment. The two tall plants are “Ghost Cookies” and the small girl (started about 2 weeks later) is a “Stella Blue.” The big girls are about 10 inches tall each. I’m excited this is actually working! Not sure where it goes from here…

How tall should I let them grow before I begin 12/12?


Hi, welcome to forum. Your girls look great! Veg can be as long as you want. Get to @ least half the height youre looking for before you switch to 12/12. Theyll go thru another big growth spurt in flower. You can switch at any time but your yeild will suffer.


@Laurap is right, just make sure you realize that your plants will double in size over about 2 wks when you flip lighting to 12/12 and then you can decide when to put them into flower based on the size of your space…

I’ve heard rumors of plants tripling in size at the flip but I have never experienced that myself

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Welcome - I only started my first grow in January - finding this site and these people has been a huge factor in my success so far! Best of luck to you! Jeb

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Welcome to the community
Happy looking grow so far well done
I will say that some have experienced burn from thier lights when the foliage has droplets on it. Anyway great job so far

Thank you both for quick and friendly advice!

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I saw something about that, I had given the seedling a spritz during the dark hours but after reading about that I’ll pass from now on

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As it pertains to nutrients and what not, as far as I can tell I’m ok. Any suggestions on when or what I’ll need or is it on a case by case basis?

I just want these to be semi decent. Growing because I’ve an anxiety disorder and I’m over being sedated by the millions pills the Doc gives me to take. I try natural old MJ and I felt better than I have in yeaaarrrrs using doc prescribed meds


I am on my first grow too, I am using the Fox Farm nutrients, pretty simple

Update: looking good (I think) close to entering flower stage!

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Or is it too soon?

Update: so I have used zero nutrients up to this point. There is ever so slightly a taco affect on my believes, but I moved the light up and that seems to have stopped it…is itOK to grow without nutrients until flower in which case I already bought tiger bloom for that??

Just depends on your soil. Some people use hot enough soil to carry them thru. I don’t l ow much about MG potting soil as I only use it for starter dirt. Can u post a pic of the plant so people can see if there are any deficiencies? I wouldn’t feed unless u have to specially in MG Bc it can b harsh all on its own. But your plants will definitely tell u what they need. Good luck looks like u r doing very well.

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No problem! Here’s an updated pic

Can’t see anything in the blurple light

Bottom left there’s a tip that’s curled. There’s one or two on each of my girls. Is that cause for concern?

I personally would not feed that plant. It looks nice and healthy which means your soil is still doing it’s job. Many soils that are not specific to MJ have strong nutes in them already and only require them starting in flower. Bad thing about that is your plant is taking in some nutes it doesn’t need and can make it harsh and throaty. MG is well known for that. Others will tell u they use it and love it so u know about opinions ya know. The curled leaf is no big deal it could have been close to a light and turned away it could have been pushed against something. It’s fine.

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Hey @Toobs360
Looking very good nice healthy green and happy
Good job!!

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