First time grower here , just hoping for some advice :)

I have been following these posts for a while now trying to absorb as much info as I can . Everyone here seems really cool and helpful so I decided to join . Just looking for any tips or any input anyone has to offer .
First time grower … I started 9 Blue Dream ( what I was told anyway ) plants from seeds Ive gotten from a bag of medical .
They’re 8 weeks from seed today , growing outdoors in metro Detroit Michigan . I’ve been using Miracle grow moisture control potting soil . I haven’t added any neuts at all and watering with distilled water - ph7 . I tested the soil and is also reading 6.9-7.0 .
Right now we’re getting about 15 hours of light from Dawn to dusk , granted certain parts of the day they’re not in direct sunlight .
For my plants being 8 weeks from seed today , do they seem like a good size ?
The tops really seem to be filling out nice but the bottoms aren’t as bushy as I except at 8 weeks but I do see a lot of new growth near the bottom .
Also I’m sure it’s hard to tell from the pics but any indication if Female ? I read someone that If the stipules are crossing eachother that’s a good sign of female plants ?I appreciate any and all input or criticism.


Welcome to the community, plants look good.(Miracle Grow potting soil ) I hope it doesn’t have the time released fertilize included. It can cause you problems in flowering stage. Happy growing !

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Thank you Kellydans ! No time release . I was going to go with FF but heard mixed reviews and found a few articles about MG and how well it worked. I still might end up switching to FF


You can get some pretty Good organic Soil in Michigan. One is called Michigan M3 soil and the other is Great Lakes Water Only soil… I think it’s made by the Detroit Nutrient Company.

Those are two soils I’d like to try but they’re nowhere to be found near me!


I’m also a newbie, but it looks to me that you have 3 seedlings in 1 pot. The girls like space for many reasons. If you do have 3 girls in the pot, expect a fight for light, nutes, and soil. They will get root bound and choke each other out. They may all survive but you will pay with extra effort and reduced yield. As apposed to 1 girl, 1 pot. Girls always fight each other.


I’ve never heard of that , I’ll have to check into that !

Thanks for the info , I’m actually in the process of switching over to a 5 gallon buckets now . I was just hoping to know for sure if they were female or not but I think I’ll just go ahead with it anyway

ThanKs NeoGroR ! found a place right by my house that sells it . They also ship , I can send you the link if you’d like

Pay’em a visit. I bet they’re really helpful

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