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So I started my first grow ever about two weeks ago. I started with 5 AK-47 autos. I am in week two now. I tried my best to do as much research as possible before starting but I don’t think I did enough. I put multiple seeds in a 2.5 gallon bucket together which I’m now finding out could be a big mistake. I’ve read that transplanting autos could cause problems for their growth but I’ve also read that have more than one seed in its own pot can cause issues as well. I’m worried if I try to transplant them I could mess the whole operation up. Can somebody give me some tips and advice on this problem?

Also I’m using the Fox Farm Happy Frog soil with these. Do I have to add nutrients to my plants?

I’m pretty lost.

Welcome to the best forum for what were doing!

I assume the plants in the 2.5 gallon bucket are growing. Yes, you will have root issues.

Yes, you need nutes, I’ve heard Fox farms trio is decent for first time growers. Way more experienced growers will come along and advise you. I however wanted to ask, do you have a picture of them in the same container? Am interested in how you would overcome this.

Seen a case like that before, the solution was to transplant all at once, together, to a wider deeper pot and put dividers in if possible to prevent root competition.

Dude I know had 4 photos in a 5gal. Got it soaked with Fox Farm boomerang for stress and three people made the very difficult transplant to a home made raised garden bed. All plants survived.

Just an example to think about

Brand new soil is good for at least 30 days. But always watch just in case. And yea, having more than 1 plant in a bucket will cause problems later on.

This is what I got going on so far. Like I said I’m just getting into week two. Could I transplant a few out into their own containers and them be alright?

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Yeah…you will want to transplant soon enough. Otherwise all those roots will get tangled together so you can’t transplant. I learned the hard way.


Could I hold off for atleast another week or two before I do so. I have to get the stuff I need before I can try. Or will it be too late?

Also what kind of nutrients would be best for them once I have them separated?

Welcome to the forum good luck on your grow

If you can put some sort of divider between plants like an old credit card or something that would prevent root tangle and let plants get bigger to endure the transplant.

I would have an extra set of hands available to help out

I’d get them split up soon as you can. Transplanting them is stress you typically don’t want on an auto, but you can get away with it without much damage or harm if you’re careful and the timing is right, usually a couple/few weeks into veg…that’s when they’re in their own containers. In this case, I’d split the media up like one of those 3 flavored popcorn tins, and get them in their own containers ASAP, to keep their roots from getting twisted, like @MrPeat said. I have no personal experience with autos, but have watched a lot of journals. Welcome to ILGM. :v:

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I have personally dealt with root entanglement. I carefully separated the 3 plants and I lost two plants because of this very thing.

Roots will find a way to the water. Only way your idea would would is IF there is a solid divider touching the very bottom to the very top. And that is a huge big if because the roots would still be able to grow under the divider.

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