First time grower help please- Blueberry and Northern Lights Fems


mo worries. I have had them too. I hate them. I was able to control them, but it was tough to get rid of them completely! I treated them weekly!


@bob31 ya that is why I was wondering what kind of a hope to switch mediums next time to something that may be a little less likely to get them. But I who knows lol


I was growing in Fox Farms Ocean Forest and I switched to Fox Farms Happy Frog and I am not looking back!


Ya I might try that next time. My biggest mistake was I used soil that had set out side for like 2 season. Lol but I didn’t know any better. Hehe I am learning though


@bob31 would this work


I can & will vouch for that particular company’s products as I used to work for them :grimacing::+1:. Wait for @bob31 though to confirm but I think it’s fine.


It will work but you need to follow the directions closely to turn it into a proper spray by adding the right amount to the water and putting it in a spray bottle



I can do that. My husband is picking it up and a new spray bottle also


the stickys are pretty effective too. (I used a piece of packing tape about 3 foot long and hung it up in the tent!


FYI the company does have a website and if it’s like when I worked there you can always call them about any products. Just refer to some other veggie or herbs as Florida is only medical if I remember correctly.


Getting a little thrifty now :grimacing: I love it :blush:


@SmoknGranny,@bob31 thanks for your help I got the girls started on there treatment hopefully it will go good. This is a lot like taking care of my son it is always something lol


@bob31 @SmoknGranny the girls look good today and you can barely tell I topped them now lol


See … you can do it! :+1: I only have a slight idea of what you do on a daily basis with your son. My adopted “family” here includes two special needs boys, 5 & 10, and it takes a village some days :grimacing:


@SmoknGranny yes it does we just had a 10 month stretch of not being able to take him out of the house much cause he would lose his temper so bad. But he was only sleeping like 4 hrs a night. We now have him up to 7 the dr wants him a 10 lol :joy: I said he is dreaming.


Is he capable of learning sign language? His anger may also be from frustration from his inability to communicate. We dealt with that with the 5 year old with delayed speech. He still has some anger issues but it’s drastically improved. Although he’s verbal now his mother knew & used signs for the first 4 years. Just a thought if it might help :hugs:


@SmoknGranny he knows a few signs. He now has a iPad that has touch chat on it which is a communication program. He has been in school since he was 6 months old. That is the only he can walk with out a walker.


Are you seeing some new growth at the node below the topping location? @jmlove123


That’s awesome. I was pretty sure that you had this covered :+1: Just know you’re not alone. And I’m keeping you in my prayers.
I think you’re going to find that growing your ladies will be therapeutic for YOU and you will have many here helping you along the way particularly @bob31 who has the patience of a Saint :grimacing:


It’s the MJ that helps me with my patience actually! LOL hahaha