First time grower help please- Blueberry and Northern Lights Fems


@bob31okaybkids gone now let’s see what I can do lol


Sounds good!


Now I put the tops in cups with water do I need to do anything else


I should have given you this first!



We these work


Are those the jiffy style starters? Yep they certainly will. The only issue is that sometimes the roots don’t want to grow through the out layer (like advertised) so many times folks will cut those off at transplant, but yep should work fine.

Did you see how to cut the stem? You most likely don’t have any clonex or rooting gel? How about aloe?


@bob31 yes to cut and no to the other two things lol

Next to my baby for now


I actually meant to give you this link. Look at the top pics how the leaves are cut, this will stop the plant from putting energy into them and concentrate on new growth.

Just for the fan leaves. Not the small fans. Just the outer leaves



That will still be easy to do. If my dog ever comes in. I am freezing trying to get her in lol. It is only 23 degrees tonight


yep, it’s a chilly one. Supposed to be 13 here tomorrow morning at 0700. Im in MA Are you up this way? I don’t recall if I asked you? You don’t have to be specific especially if not a legal state.


Lol Ohio medical just got passed


I grew up SW Ohio Buckeye


you may want to trim the leaves and get a dome of her. She needs the high humidity. Mist the leaves as she has no roots so the jiffy pot needs to be moist but not overly wet.

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Leafs trimes doom will have to wait til tomorrow. Time to relax and play Zelda :upside_down_face:


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@bob31 okay I had gnats a few weeks back i got a bug thing you can kinda see it in some of my pics and i did a Hydrogen peroxide treatment i thought they were gone but now i am seeing them again and a few of the leafs look crispy this morning. I am going to set some of the sticky strips from Home Depot today but was wondering what else i could do.

On another note the clone pieces are very droopy. Is that nomarl at first?


You have to be very careful doing this. Gnats are usually from the soil. Keeping the soil a tad too wet makes it a bit worse.

Sticky traps, spray neem oil on the soil and leaves and a bowl of apple cider vinegar inside the tent. The little buggars will fly right into the bowl and drowned trying to get at it!

A potato quartered length wise and laid face down on the soil will also help draw the larvae out of the soil. Put two in baggie in the fridge and put two on top of the soil and throw out after about a week and use other two. It will take 2-4 treatments to get rid of them.

Yes, they have no roots so they are getting all their water thru the leaves. Thats why they need pH water sprayed and domes over to keep the humidity high!


@bob31okay thanks so much