First time grower help please- Blueberry and Northern Lights Fems


. @bob31@countryboyjvd1971 just playing around with my digital camera today after work thought i would share. Lol


I went through your journal, but I don’t see what age they are from sprout? @jmlove123


@bob31 They popped up November 5th


And you’re sure you got Autos? generally they start blooming pretty close to 4 weeks from sprout.


@bob31 I thought i did lol


ok no worries. I would let them go another two weeks or so and then switch the lights as long as you have enough room for the lights and all and a little more room for spread @jmlove123

I made a minor edit at the top to help us remember that they are photo fems


@bob31 you mean go to the 12/12 light schedule?


yes, they won’t flower until the lights are switched to 12 on 12 off and even then it takes about 10 days to 2 weeks to get those first pistils.

What are your plans? Are you going to let them grow or keep them low by topping/ fimming/ SCROG or other LST?


@bob31 you just threw me a curve ball by making me relize i don’t have autos. Lol What would be the easiest for a first timer. :


hahahaha I just realized your head is probably spinning. I’m sorry. No worries. Plenty of time to work this out, but you have homework to do

Read these tutorials and let them sink in, we can catch up again tomorrow. I have to get up early tomorrow and work (I’m retired but I work a little part-time)

Couple of things

What size pots are we in?

What size tent including height?

Super Cropping


Advanved Growing Techniques- Bigger yields




@bob31 it is my bed time also I have to be up at 4am for work. I am not retired. Hehe I will read my homework tomorrow after work.

Tent is 32x32x63


4am? Goodness. I don’t know how you do it! I can barely get up at 6! hahaha

Ok, we will reconvene tomorrow! @jmlove123

PS. I worked almost 40 years. I paid my dues!


@bob31 I am thinking topping or LST. Not sure if my plants are to far along for topping.


How many true sets of leaves (fan type leaves three fingers or more)? @jmlove123


@bob31 if i am understanding what you mean all 3 of them a 9 sets


Count them going up, only the levels not each stem. I know it’s hard to explain.


@bob31 okay the tallest one is 6 the other two are 3


And sorry, I got tied up on a few things. You can top after the 4th set or any after that.

We should probably do some calculations. You are going to run out of height most likely. Measure from the ground to the very top of the plants and let me know

Then measure from the top of the plants to the lights. Then how much more can you raise your lights?

Remind me how many lights and the kind and wattage? @jmlove123


@bob31 I was in bed already when you replied lol and now i am off to work. I will do as you ask when i get home. Do you want the measurements before topping ? The reason i didn’t pick the Scrog is I don’t thing i have enough room with having 4 plants.



Actually the SCROG helps keep the plant low but is a little more work. The path you follow is totally up to you.

Lets measure before you top just so I can get a realistic understanding of where we are.

And if you want, top them and just measure that amount you cutoff or whatever. Either way is fine really.

Catch ya later!