First time grower help please- Blueberry and Northern Lights Fems


@bob31 I had switched to the distilled water. So still check tap to see if it is usable?


Check em both


@bob31 From the post just read before you are around my dads age. Hehe So if i did offend you i am sorry also. I will do as you ask and check both and report back to you.



Looking good @jmlove123 hope your family are finding healthy ways to cope.
Everyone here is super helpful and not easily offended.
Happy growing🙂


@bob31 turning in my home work as requested lol


I don’t think she’s showing sex just yet. But I’m rooting for you… (hahah growing pun) @jmlove123 your ph from your tap looks like it needs some love.


@covertgrower ya that is why a few people subject to change to distilled cause we where afraid of that. My 3 oldest pants should hopefully start showing soon. My baby has a long way to go. Thanks :blush:


The distilled looks good spot on what it should be! Go with that.

And im not easily offended @jmlove123 I was just having some fun with my buddy CB.

Let’s do a slurry test with that growing medium. Have I explained that yet?


@bob31 i figured you were. So stick with the distilled water? Now do i test to soil and if so do you want me to do the run off or that slurry thing you where talking about. Lol Plus do i test all 4 plants?


I edited mine while you were posting. I will get back to you in a couple of minutes


Slurry Test

In a glass

Take an equal part of water and adjust pH to 6.5 Add and equal part of your growing medium

Stir and wait 15 minutes and stir again. Let settle for a moment and test pH.


@bob31 here is what i got.You have to click on the pics to see the bottoms of them lol


ok, that growing medium is pH adjusted to 6.5

Super good! So you will want all the water pH it right to 6.5 and you will be good. Do calibrate with the 7.0 when it comes in @jmlove123

Excellent! Things are coming together nicely!


@bob31 thanks so very much. I go back to work tomorrow from being off for 12 days and know they are on the right track now will make it easier. Lol Light will be here later today also.


Did you wind up going with that light? I’m sorry I missed the tag

Those 300 watt lights are ok for one or two plants. The recommended amount of light is 30-50 actual watts per sq foot of used grow space.

I started with one like that as well. I know have three and a 400 watt COB. But they will last a long time.


@bob31 i went with this one


Hay man to answer your question since no one has all worried about you screenshot lol :joy:! Anyway yes can use for both



Ok, looks good. I don’t know much about that brand. Do they list the actual watts?


@bob31 this is all the info


I dont see the actual/ draw wattage listed. I’m sure its about the same as the others at like 200 watts ish I’m sure it’s fine.