First time grower help please- Blueberry and Northern Lights Fems


There are a lot of good soils available. Depends really on where you live and what you can find locally.

There are a ton of posts on here about soil. I use Fox farms happy frog here and I’m happy with it. Lots of members here use promix bx with good results.


@bob31 okay thanks i ordered the ph meter you suggested on amazon it will be here in 2 days


Sounds good @jmlove123 Tag me when you get the meter!


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So it has been 3 days since i raised the light and one day since changing the water but they look a little better


Looking good to me nice and healthy


Yep, I concur! They are looking good!


@jmlove123 she looks great! Keep the right amount of love.


Right on @jmlove123 lookin good! I am glad you are here and getting the direction and thoughtful help you need. Pretty soon you will have a lil experience under your belt and you will be helping other newbs like me in no time.
Good job👍🏼


@bob31 Just have a small question all my seeds are auto’s so i know i don’t have to worry about the light timing but my seeds popped up on Nov 5. I have seen so many different times for flowering to start when should i really start looking for that?

Thanks again you have been so much help and I really do appreciate. I am growing to help me and my husband with anxiety. I have a son with CP and it can be stressful and scary at time.

Thanks again


I hear ya kiddo. MJ is good for a lot of things! One of my favorites to calm things down is Blueberry!

The autos will start flowering about a month after they pop out of the soil (sprout)

@jmlove123 I’m happy to help you folks! Ask anything!

So i would expect you will see some pistils pretty soon!


@bob31 Thanks


@caosred, @rodri59, @bob31, @bogleg, @covertgrower, @greenthunder, @silenthippie, @growit, @countryboyjvd1971

Just a few new pic tried to get some closer but with a phone it is a little hard. Lol



@bob31 so just relized that my light is veg only. So i was wondering my light would be okay for both veg and flower with autos if now would the light i have pictured work?

Thanks !


@jmlove123 you’ll want to edit the picture
You have some personal info there you my not want out there
Just a fyi im sure it was a mistake
I always make sure im signed out of Amazon when taking screen shots
As far as the light yes it will be fine you witn tne one posted from tne info provided
You can also check out the Roleadro lights i have several that work great or the mezhi lights they are both inexpensive but work well :+1:


@bob31 Yes I usually take that info out i forgot this time thanks for the heads up.


@jmlove123 it’s actually Countryboy lol
Bob and i have same icon so it gets a little confusing lol
no worries I figured you just forgot lol


@countryboyjvd1971 sorry lol I am sure that you are both good guys. Hopefully i didn’t offend you. Thanks so much for the help. I ordered light it will be here later today.


@bob31 and @countryboyjvd1971 I should also be getting my new ph meter and the ph up and down. Today But the calibration stuff will not be here until Friday. Should i try to measure today or wait until Friday?


When u get the meter check your tap water and let’s see what pH you get. If it looks reasonable we can go from there @jmlove123


What if it offended me? Lol