First time grower help please- Blueberry and Northern Lights Fems


@bob31 maybe better on Sunday. We are getting hit with snow and ice right now. The tucking is what I was thinking about but I don’t understand how they stay.


If you’re talking tucking fan leaves when they’re blocking bud sites, they won’t always stay put and will need to be retucked. I spend a bit of time every day or two tucking leaves and telling the girls not to be stingy with the light, there’s plenty for everyone :wink:


@GreenThunder lol :joy: okay thanks


I have even taken some string and pulled leaves back. That works too. How much snow did you guys get @jmlove123


@bob31 we got about 2 inches of ice and then 3 inches of snow on top of that . I think the strings will work cause there is a ton of fan leaves taking up all the light. I think maybe just maybe Barney has a few pistols. Thanks for you help.


@bob31 I tied some of the girls leafs down



@bob31 I am going to be watering tomorrow morning. Hope you had a good weekend. We got another inch yesterday and getting about 3 more



You’ve got more snow than we do!


I went to the Patriots game Saturday night, so Sunday was a bit of a blur. Didn’t get home till 2am… Hope the Sunday Watering went ok?


@bob31 I am actually doing it in the morning cause I forgot to put the water out to let the chlorine evaporated. Lol hope you’re staying warm. The roads here are a joke right now lol I am not sure they remember how to treat the roads since the last two years we haven’t had much snow. I thinks we are still getting another inch or two more tonight.


Good idea man


There ya go! We have that storm (most likely) coming to us tomorrow evening with 4-7 inches of snow. We had over 2 feet of snow on the ground last week, but 60 degrees on Friday and Saturday, melted it all away! @jmlove123


For tomorrow lets just give them the pH water and check the TDS and pH in and out. As long as you have enough time before work?

They will all probably be ready for nutrients at the next watering.


Sounds like a good plan thanks again for are your help I really do appreciate it so much. :crazy_face: I will check back with all the numbers in the morning. @bob31


perfect! Enjoy the snow, lol…

PS Back in the early 80’s I came into town in the middle of a raging snow storm. It was like 2am. I got off I-75 on the exit to go up Harrison Ave in Fairmont and the roads were so bad I had to use chains to get up the hill! They do get snow in the Queen City!


@bob31 the year my son was born we had a snow emergency so only emergency vehicles were aloud on the roads. That night my son pulled him feeding tube out for the first time so we had to call a ambulance cause we couldn’t drive. I have seen many bad storms here. Time for bed now.


Oh wow that’s a scary time isn’t it! My nephew had a feeding tube. The g-tube had a bubble that kept it in , it came out the first time and we the family bout lost our mind.
Notto get to personal but does he have syriblepausy? Sorry don’t know how to spell it,but that’s what my nephew had,he passed when he was 6 .
Anyhoo hope all is well with you and yours


@Nug-bug yes he does have Cp he has a mic key button now which is what you are talking about with your nephew. But back then he had a NJ and those have to be placed under a moving X-ray. With the mic key I can place it my self. Sorry to hear about your nephew that is sad.

@bob31 today watering was crazy it like to never run out lol

Fred 6.5/224 6.6/738
Wilma 6.5/224. 6.0/2523
Barney 6.5/224. 5.9/849
Bettty never did run out again and I even mad a extra gallon this time lol they must of been extremely thirsty I am a bad plant mom lol will water Saturday again


ok, no worries. I will work up what you will need to do for adding nutrients! How much snow did you guys wind up with total from the last storm? @jmlove123