First time grower help please- Blueberry and Northern Lights Fems


@bob31 i just have the grow and the bloom and yes swited to 12/12 on December 23.


what size pots are your plants in? @jmlove123


7 gallon fabric ones. @bob31 Aw and your guys snow is coming to us Friday.


@jmlove123 i like those bags because if you want to go 5 gal just roll the side down some…lol


true on that one!

@jmlove123 how many days between waterings are you getting right now?


Usually water once a week on saturdays but did it a little early this week to get the data we needed. Lol @bob31


About how much water did each one get to get the runoff? (Not counting bb2)?


Around a gallon and half


ok sounds good. We can get the finer details on Friday evening. Sorry to hear you didn’t get that job. Saw what you wrote in the garden. Their loss


Thanks so much. I will be stuck in the spot I am at for a while i have a feeling cause am the first lead they have had to meet all dead lines with ease every day. But it sucks cause it would of been a lot more money. Lol. @bob31


I would lean towards a N toxicity hooking curling and clawing but root stress can trigger weird results


my son wound up taking the position he wanted with a rival company. Made a lot more money and the first company said don’t go we will match what they are giving you. My son never looked back.


I thought about N but those are some serious curls. I have looked at everything I can think of and her grow is pretty standard, nothing seems out of the ordinary that I can find. I read back through the entire grow trying to find something but I can’t figure it out.

I thought maybe topping caused it, but Fimming is the only method that is supposed to cause distorted growth.

@jmlove123 which plant is that a picture of again?



@bob31 that was on Fred there is no new signs of it now. Both Fred and Wilma seem to be moving along. Barney and Betty keep getting new growth but no buds yet


So the leaves have straightened out and appear normal on Fred? @jmlove123


I had pinched those ones off and no new ones appeared like that. @bob31


@bob31 I was wondering what should do to get more light in to the buds on Fred. I hear you guys talking about tucking but not sure what to do. Also still no buds on the blue berry ones


tucking branches under a screen to spread plant canopy out so light can get to lower level buds and bring them to canopy…i hope that helps
PS. try not to weave branches,you may want to take screen back off later!
good luck @jmlove123


you can also tuck the fan leaves around so they aren’t shading the lower buds. Happy Friday @jmlove123

Also we need to talk about tomorrow. Are they going to be dry enough to water/ feed?