First time grower help please- Blueberry and Northern Lights Fems


@jmlove123 we will use it and then work on the science as we go.

Take a glass of the water you use to water your plants with. Only a little so that the water covers the electrode on the end of the meter. Sit the meter in the water and let me know the number that you get.

Note that there is a 10x on the display that will show up on readings greater that 999 Just be aware of that. When are you due to water again?

Also on that last pic is that NL1 or NL2 from the series of pics you took earlier today?

Did you FIM or top that plant?

I was out making better paths for the dogs to use. Took me quite awhile, that and shoveled off some of the roof… Bet you never heard anyone out that way say they had to shovel their roof!


@bob31 that is northern lights 2. And I topped all but blueberry 1

My dog has made her self permit paths in our back yard. Lol

As for shoveling the roof yes I have heard of it. Hehe We have had a few huge storms in my time.


The first pic is the temperature of the water.

The second pic is the TDS PPM of 893. Is that tap water? I am not sure what the third one is?

The fourth one appears to be a dog. hahaha :dog2:

I will take a pic of my dog trails tomorrow!

So what you would do is draw your water. Let it sit open to evap the chlorine for 24 hours. pH it to 6.5 and then check the TDS.

You would water the plant until the water runs out of the pot and then you would collect the last bit of water and check the pH and TDS of that water. That will tell you the pH of the soil and how much nutrients your plants are using.

After we check it with just plain water then we will see about adding nutrients.

Using the NL that looks like it’s starting to flower you would follow this feeding schedule

Do you have any Cal-Mag? @jmlove123


@bob31 okay yes it is tap water and I have not been letting it sit. I thought as long as I ph it that was good. Oops :speak_no_evil: i will fill some jugs today to it so I can do that Tuesday. I do not have any cal mag.

That last picture is after she came in from running around out side she was cold. She nudges you until you lay over her to warm her up. Lol


I love the roles on this place! @bob31 your a great man! @jmlove123 I wish you the happiest of times to come with your family! I truly believed my life was hard until I read some one else’s life and how hard it can be. Stay healthy and happy! I hope you know you are in good hands, and let bob guide you to some great buds :sunny:️:droplet::lemon:


Thanks @AmnesiaHaze for those thoughtful words. All we can do is play the hand dealt us.

She sounds like a great dog! Good girl!

Refresh my memory are the blueberry autos? I found that when I grew blueberry the benefitted from cal-mag once a month from the beginning of flower. It isn’t a lot of cal-mag but consider a small bottle.

Also if you can keep the water in the tent it will help that it is close to the same temp as the plants. On Tuesday check and set the pH and then check the tds. Collect the runoff separately from each plant and check the pH and TDS. Easy format to post

NL1 6.5 pH 400 TDS / 6.5 300

And so on. You can even skip the pH and TDS abreviation as we know what the numbers are. Once we get all those numbers I will explain what is going on

Also I know you probably work Tuesday and I am going to tell you that it is the best practices to water at lights on as it let’s the soil dry out some before lights out. If that isn’t possible then do the best you can and it will be fine.



@AmnesiaHaze thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate it.

@bob31 yes I do work tomorrow and I didn’t get a chance to put the water out this morning cause I couldn’t fine enough containers cause I only have one watering can. So it may be Wednesday sorry.


No worries for me. What I did was bought two- gallon jugs of water from the grocery store and reused those. They are easy to pour and easy to fill.


I heard it said, if we all gathered and put our problems in a pile to ‘trade’ we’d end up taking our own back, with the realization that they’re not such terrible problems after all :wink: It’s all a matter of perspective, eh?! :sunglasses:


@GreenThunder and @AmnesiaHaze I agree with you and I don’t feel like my problems are so much worse then others. But unfortunately depression and anxiety isn’t controlled by what we know. I wish it was. The reason I stepped back to just my thread is not cause of what anyone did. I just needed to step back cause it started to feel like a crowd and I was feeling like going and hiding in my corner. I have my issue and my sons issues that I deal with on a daily basis but I would not trade my life for anything. Yah is for your kind words. Please I hope I have not hurt or offended anyone by stepping back.


I don’t think anyone, myself included, was hurt or offended, just concerned :hugs:. I don’t know how you or my daughter by choice (2 special needs boys) manage as well as you both do. You are both strong but it’s okay to have “me” times just to regroup :+1:


@SmoknGranny thanks for understanding


I do :hugs:. I think you’re going to have a good harvest once you get the kinks worked out also. Just give yourself some time & credit when you can as I know those moments can be fleeting :heart:


Found a second watering can so now I have 4 gallons of water sitting waiting to be Ph’ed I will do it Wednesday morning before work @bob31


@bob31 Good morning here are my numbers don’t mind the names this is just what I know them all by lol it is radiators talk to my husband about them when the kids are around lol

Name Water in Water out
Ph/ppm/temp. Ph/ppm/temp
Fred 6.5/197/20.4c. 6.8/1188/21.3c
Wilma. 6.5/197/20.4c. 5.7/533/17.5c
Barney. 6.5/197/20.4c. 6.0/702/18.8c
Betty. Didn’t have enough water to measure she is the smallest/ youngest plant.


OK cool, I like the names! Can you match the names up to the plants for me? I have some thoughts on those numbers and I want to see if what I am thinking is true.

Fred 6.5/197/20.4c. 6.8/1188/21.3c

Wilma. 6.5/197/20.4c. 5.7/533/17.5c

Barney. 6.5/197/20.4c. 6.0/702/18.8c

Betty. Didn’t have enough water to measure she is the smallest/ youngest plant.

Fred doesn’t need nutrients yet, but Wilma and Barney are both about ready.

Are they all in the same exact soil? @jmlove123


@bob31 Yes in the same soil but some was older then others not sure what ones got the older soil.

Fred is NL 2
Wilma is NL1
Barney is BB 1
Betty is BB 2



NL2-Fred 6.5/197/20.4c. 6.8/1188/21.3c

NL1-Wilma. 6.5/197/20.4c. 5.7/533/17.5c

BB1- Barney. 6.5/197/20.4c. 6.0/702/18.8c

BB2- Betty. Didn’t have enough water to measure she is the smallest/ youngest plant.

The next thing we do is figure out what week they are on? Then we look at the GH DTW Schedule that I posted earlier

Here is what we do. If they are more than three weeks old and not yet flowering, we would follow the 3rd week schedule which recommends a TDS PPM of between 600-900

Fred is 1181 so he is still over, so no nutes for Fred yet, she just gets plain ph water.

Wilma is 533 so She could get a light feeding. (More on that, soon!)

Barney is at 702 so she is within the 600-900 so I would also just give her plain pH water this next time.

@Donaldj what do you think is going on in this pic?


@bob31 thanks now both NL have a bunch of bud starting. No signs on the BB yet


ok excellent, then @jmlove123

Do you have all three of the GH Basic line? Flora- Micro, Flora- Gro and Flora- Bloom?

Are you under 12/12 lights?