First time grower help please- Blueberry and Northern Lights Fems


so a trick is to raise the three smaller ones. Put something under them so that the are all the same height. (Or at least get them as close as you can).

I am going to look at the pics now.

Is this the damage you are talking about like in this pic? I think I pulled that from post 177.


Is it getting worse? How long ago did it start looking like that?


@bob31 yes that and then if you look at some of the pictures of the newer growth it looks odd also. I don’t think it is getting worse but it is hard to tell. The lights are already off for the night so i can’t look now. I will take a pic tomorrow of how the tents look tomorrow on the inside so you can see. I know that 4 plants is to much for my tent so next grow will have a lot of changes.


I have a 36 x 36 and I did three without too many issues ( 2 Autos and one Fem- non auto)

The damage in the pic I pasted looks like old nutrient burn, but it could have also been caused by pH imbalance, but if the damage is not spreading to other leaves, then whatever caused it is over. The leaves that are bad, can and should be removed. If there are any dead leaves that have fallen off, remove them as well.

I will scroll up and look at the newer leaves now.

Are you using nutrients @jmlove123


ok so on this pic

It looks to me like the top is getting cooked by the light. You said you are 1.5 feet from the 600 watt light?

That might be too close. What strain is that plant? Auto or fem?

Do you have room to move that light up? 1.5 feet for the 300 watt is probably ok, but the 600 needs about 2.5 feet @jmlove123


@bob31 that is a lower side part of the plant but I am now as high as The pullies my lights are on will go but i can probably figure out how to pull the wires the lights hang from up more. I am not using nuts this time cause of the hot soil. So many mistakes this time but i am learning from them.


ok, they will probably still need nutrients. In most cases, the nutrients in the soil is only good for about 4-6 weeks and then the nutrients are pretty much used up. I would recommend the GH Bloom nutrients. They aren’t expensive and will do a great job.

Is that a plant that you topped or FIM’d?

Are the leaves that are curled up dried/ dead or are they just curled up? Hard to tell from the pic.

Usually the heat or light damage, the leaves will look like a taco shell. So hold off on adjusting the lights.

FYI First grows can be a little up and down and I don’t want you to get discouraged. When there is about 2 week left in this grow you should drop your next seeds so that they can get going as you harvest this round!


@bob31 i have these nuts here but i haven’t used them. The leaves are dry but green.


ok, cool we can talk about nutrients tomorrow. But those will work fine. Exactly what I was talking about. (And GH is now owned by our friends at Monsanto, who used to have a lot of property around southern Ohio, not sure if they still do or not)

Tomorrow get me some good pics of the tops of the ones that are distorted and we can talk about them too.

Once we get going tomorrow I will tag a couple of other guys and see whats up.


@bob31 that so much for your help. Hope you have a good night.


@bob31 it warms my heart so much to witness such kindness as you display. :heart_eyes: Your helpfulness and patience are second to none and give me a bit of hope for humanity :green_heart:


I second that. @bob31is a really great dude :+1:


@bob31 so here are some pictures let me know if you need better or different ones. Don’t mind the cat she likes to smell the plants when i have them out.


Good morning to the @jmlove123 family! Hope you folks are staying warm and cozy there!

I have a hard time looking at pics under the LED glow. Also makes it hard for me to tell if a plant has issues or not. But I think we can get by this time.

Check all the plants for leaves touching the soil and either remove the leave of trim it back so it isn’t touching. Also anything that looks like the bottom of the 4th, 5th and 8th pic can be removed.

on the 9th pic, can you retake that under just white or natural light?

Also pic 11 and 12. Are there other pics of that plant in the series you posted? I want to see an overall pic of that plant.

It would be helpful if you could put a space line break in between each pic too. I will edit your post so you can see the difference. @jmlove123


also in pic 14 I would move those two in the front up closer to the light like we talked about last night @jmlove123

And thanks @GreenThunder @MattyBear for those kind words.


@bob31 number 10 is the top view of the 11, 12 I will try to bring the plants out and re take some of the pictures for you. Thanks for your help.


no worries. @jmlove123 I also need a picture of the tops that were looking a little distorted.

I will be in and out all day today till the afternoon. Have some chores and then visiting to do.



Northern Lights 1

Northern lights 1

Northern lights 1

Northern lights 2

Northern lights 2

Northern lights 2

Blueberry 1

Blueberry 1

Blueberry 2

Blueberry 2

Blueberry 1

Hopefully that is better. I trimmed a few leaves off after your last response


They look happier now! Sometimes leaves down under don’t get enough light and die back. No worries.

The blueberry are looking a little deficient to me. Refresh my memory, do you have a TDS meter?


@bob31 Yes i do but i don’t understand it at all. I also don’t know if i should test it before or after I get the ph right.


@bob31 this picture was take with a magnifying app on my phone of one of what i think may be a bud on the biggest northern lights