First time grower. Help and tip request

A lot of people find tds meters to be valuable tools. I stopped using mine and eventually threw it out. When you get a feel for your medium and your nutes. Know your pH is good. It’s pretty easy to read what the plant is telling you. It can only be so many things :wink:.


Yeah certain minerals can make percipitates that aren’t good if they come in to contact in a concentrated form, so you mix before adding the next nute. I don’t know much about it. But this fellow on here Hellraiser has grow journals here, his grow journal has a post about mixing with Advanced Nutrients, though they are different product lines.

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I need all the help i can get… i like precission, thus judging the weight of the pot by lifting and stuff like that is not for me :smiley:

I think i will just go with watering the plant with 2liters of water next time and see where it gets me. I am assuming i should wait like 5mins after that and collect the runoff, or should i wait a lot longer?


My runoff goes down the drain of the bathtub after pot stops soaking up runoff. Precision is not my thing :rofl:. My only care when watering is that I fully saturate the pot.

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I get what you are saying, but it is realistically the best way to know when to water. Unless you are going to staring weighing your pots… I mean I guess you could… But it is over the top unnecessary in my opinion… You will also have plant matter to account for if you were doing it that way.

There will be plenty of measurements to take, but picking up the pot and swinging it a little gives you a very good idea of if you should water after you get used to how it feels. I relied on a soil moisture meter for my grow at the beginning and it winded up causing more issues than helping. For one you have to put the meter in the soil at multiple places, dispersing the roots and undoubtedly pissing off the plant… Some times they are not accurate either… Better off without it in my opinion. I am thinking of throwing mine away lol.

That is what i am doing :smiley: i weigh the pot before watering, i know exactly how much i watered, and how much it absorbed and when i should water again :smiley:

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:man_shrugging: Go for it!

As per your advice, @Dankloud, i bought the TDS meter and “flushed” the plant. Used 2 Liters of water 16ppm, 6.5 PH.

This is the result:

Very dark yellow/brown runoff - ~600 ml, 6.7 PH and the PPM is well over 2000 (my meter only goes up to 2000) So from this, my understanding is that the yellow tips (although barely noticeable) could be due to salt build up in the soil?

So should I:

  1. Use plain water next time as well (but reduce it to ~1.5ltr) and monitor the runoff
  2. Same as 1. but with nutes at 50%
  3. Use 4 or X more liters to flush the salts out faster

From my understanding, the runoff ppm should be around 100-200 ppm more than the feed?

P.s. water+nutes is 770ppm.

Second watering done today:

Watered with 2 liters - PH 6,4 ppm 20

Runoff - ~500ml PH 6,7 ppm still over 2000.

Makes me think that i should water with a significantly increased water quantity to encourage faster flush of the salt build up. Maybe i should go with 6liter next time?

The plant seems to be doing ok, leave tips are not yellowing more.

Any thoughts?

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The yellow tips are often from nutrient burn by having too heavy of feed in the soil. PPMs will let you know how much food you have left before you add so you don’t give them too much. Flushing removes the excess salt in the soil which can change root zone pH and make your plants stop using the food causing nutrient lockout.

This is why @Hellraiser waters to like 20% runoff every water. Mini flushes don’t really about the buildup to start.


Soil ppms are tricky. Again, I don’t bother with it. When you buy a bag of soil, say fox farms ocean forest (we will use that because it’s popular). If you take runoff measurements of fresh soil from the bag your ppms will be several thousand. This will be 3,4,5x recommended levels…for a mature plant. Seedling will live in it fine you just wouldn’t feed until ppm runoff hits 800-1000 somewhere in there. You sound like the type that wants to put x in and get y out and be able to make meaningful determinations from the same. Check out coco for your next grow :wink:. Much more formulaic. You control what is in the medium.


As far as I’ve read I can also say this, not all nutrient lines have the same buildup of lockout issues. People are mentioning lockout with lower PPM numbers than I’m at with Jack’s 321 sometimes and I try to focus more on the untangible way the plants looks and feel.

Talk about a learning curve. Variables galore.

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I think the reason for such high ppm in the runoff is due to soil itself being “hot”. I used soil which is for flowers as i did not have anything else available to me at that time.

I doubt i could have overfed the plant as i only did 4 feeds over 2weeks and even then the feed was 50% of recommended and at ~770 ppm (ofcourse this did not help the plant at all, if the soil itself was too hot to begin with).

I only found out about the need to have runoff a few days back and have started doing so every time i water from then.

I have now bought Biobizz Light soil for my next grow, so this should not be an issue next time, as it has very little nutrients in itself and is suited for feeding nutes from day one :slight_smile:

So, the plant itself is now exploding in growth and also in water needs. It used up 1.5liters of water in 28hrs or so!

So today i went with 3liters of water 21ppm and 6.5 PH and got around 1 liter of runoff from that. Runoff was 6.7PH and to my surprise the 1864 ppm! Hurrah! So i decided to add another 3liters of water to further decrease the ppm. After the second flush it sits now at 1150 ppm! Next time i have to water, i will probably use another 6 liters and see what ppm i can reach.

I guess this should decrease the ppms to around 200-300 ppm and from there with the next watering i can start to feed nutes again? Like start with 50%, and slowly increase while monitoring the runoff?

Sorry man… remind me what nutes you’re using again. Dropping ppm to the correct range is good. pH obviously good. Try not to get obsessed chasing perfect numbers and be sure you’re reading the plants also. That will be the hard part. I wouldn’t let mine get that low, I want them to stay around 900 is where my current 2 look they’re best.

Oops wrong thread

I am using Advanced Nutrients hobyist set, so it is Micro, Grow and Bloom as the base with B-52 for the last week of veg, and then switched out the B-52 with Voodoo Juice as per the feed calculator (there is also big buds and overdrive in the set but they only start from week 2 of bloom). I stopped the nutes once i noticed leaf tips getting burned and found out that you need to water until runoff (i was watering with no runoff from sprouting).

So my guess would be to aim for <1000ppm runoff since water + nutes at 50% is ~800ppm, but for the first few feeds i should use slightly more water to drop the ppms in the runoff to below 1kppm? Instead of watering 2ltrs , go for 3 and have more runoff?


I have zero experience with your nutes, so I can’t say much on them.i like where your logic is at though. I’m personally not a fan of being wasteful, so when I’ve had any build up I’ll run the extra liter of O2 into the soil first to get the good soak and mini flush by chasing that water out with my nuts feed. Take that for what is worth being than I’m just using Jack’s 321. I’m no veteran, so before you take that to the bank let some others weigh in as well.

I also keep in mind that @Nicky says runoff numbers don’t have as much value as an actual slurry test for accuracy on what’s going on in your soil. Since you’re analytical you might want to look up how to do a proper test and see what that tells you.

I think she looks pretty good. Are you using CalMag at all?

I’ll look into it :wink:

Nope, just the advanced nutrients. Will have to read up on calmag, since i’m not familiar with what it is or how it is used :slight_smile:

Without looking into your nute system I’m gonna guess CalMag might help you quite a bit. Keep it up

For soil a slurry test is ideal.
Coco run off and run in is usable if you know how to read it.

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