First time grower. Help and tip request

Just a couple of days. Should be ok I imagine.

Aha. I seem to have read that wrong. Haha. I would agree that for a weekend you could do worse

ok, so things are getting serious, the wonderful aroma can be smelt within the room, i can only imagine what it would be like withouth a carbon filter :slight_smile:

The colas are getting nice and fat, far bigger than i expected!

Had a little problem with the runoff a few days back, it went 2k+ ppm, so just used plain 20ppm water for 2 watering’s to bring the runoff to 300ppm. Now i went back to Nutes at 75%; 3 base nutes + B52 and switched out Big Bud for Overdrive, and 1ml of CalMag per 2.7 Liters of feed.

Feed is 6.2 PH and 1226ppm, runoff is 20% PH 6.6 1516ppm.

Currently in week 9, I’m guessing at least 3 more weeks until harvest:


What a ride huh? Congratulations on a really impressive specimen! I can hardly wait for a taste/quality report when done.

So its not harmful to plant when u water over mosquito bits?

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I have been doing it along with many others here on the forum. No harm done. In fact I am sure the plant appreciates the effort to get rid of the pests! :smiley:

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Cool. Thanks for the info. Ive seen gnats in tent, and im doing some bag seed, educational outdoors ones too. Just termed the outdoors project few days ago. Putting under led inside for a week first, as they pop.

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right, so i have returned from the short holiday - had someone try to look after the plant while i was gone… :smiley:

Watered with plain water, however missed one watering by about a day, which meant that the plant was completely dry for about 12 or more hours.

This is the result…

i have fed the plant with nutes at 75% will see what happens.

Any suggestions what to do?

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She looks fine. Wow, that is a thick, dense plant. Nice!

Yep, it’s a decent “bush” :smiley:

Not used to seing tips of the leaves browning or seeing leaf half brown :frowning:

Some of that could have been avoided but she is getting older. :older_woman:t2:
Soon will be time to say “goodbye” or “hello there” depending on your point of view.

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@nicholas1 Like @HMGRWN said, she is getting to her older days, which is when it is common for leaves to turn color at this point. Don’t sweat the underwatering either, the leaves will point downwards for a little but in a little while they should be back to normal. She’s looking good brother!

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Judging by some top leaves wrinkling up and brown/dead tips it looks like heat stress to me…

Not sure what temps were like while i was away, but when i came back the temp inside was 27c, which is 2c more than i would like…

Since i have a second in line fan, maybe i should hook it up to supply air from the bottom too to hopefully drop the temps?

I assume i have another 2-3 weeks to go?

Should i move the light too? It is ~30cm away from the highest flower…

Can we get some updated full view pictures?

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Ofcourse :slight_smile:

I have moved the light up so it sits 35cm away from the highest flower and ~40cm from the rest.

I am feeding fresh air with my spare inline fan (feeding it from the bottom ~75%) temps are around 25-26c now.


Impressive how many days old.

today is 10 weeks since potting :slight_smile:

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Centerfold bud porn right there. :drooling_face:
I want that…give it to me now!!! :crazy_face:

Very very nice! I’ve been enjoying watching this grow play out. Great work

Hmm… should i be worried now?

Tips on most of the leaves are brown and completely dry. The most burned leaf does not seem to get any worse (it looked like this after my hols)

Top leaves wrinkled upwards during my holidays too, but seems to be stable. Have moved the light up 10cm since. Does not seem to get any worse. Should they straigthen up, or are they gonna stay like this until the end?

Should i worry or is this something to be expected nearing the harvest time?