First time grower/Harvest


As a new member and grower could anyone give me an ide

a how long this is away from harvest?


What’s the strain? How far along? Looks likes good 4 weeks out yet


It’s lemon haze and been in flower 6 weeks


You have a while, if you harvested them now they would dry up and shrivel down to nothing! When the branches start drooping from heavy fat buds and everything’s frosty and luminescent from resin then you know you’re close.


I’d say 4 weeks left

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It’s hard to tell from your photos. Are the buds covered in white hairs (pistils)? Watch for those hairs to begin to turn amber…this is one sign of maturity. Also, the calyxs will really swell up…they look like seed pods, but in an unfertilized flower they are empty. Finally, the trichomes (the glistening resin all over the buds) will grow, glisten, and cover your buds with a frosty looking haze. Some people watch the formation and development of these trichomes…with a 60X jewlers loupe you can really see them…they will turn from pretty clear to really cloudy, then finally to amber. I try to harvest when the trichomes get cloudy. This coincides with the time when the pistils are almost completely turned from white to amber. The pistils are the easiest thing to watch and you wont go wrong just waiting for those to change to amber. There are LOTS of growers who swear by the trichomes, though. I just think that for a small homegrow, we’re looking to get high. A difference in a percent or 2 THC one way or another isn’t really noticible. Also if you wait too long, THC will begin to degrade. In short, wait till the buds are plump, covered in frosty resin and the hairs are mostly amber. Keep it simple and enjoy the process!


That has a 7-9 week (estimated) flowering timeline. So the later end of the estimated timeline you’re 3 weeks out. But the plant will be ready when it wants. Did you start your flower countdown from 12/12 change or from signs of flowering?

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I started the count down from 12/12


Yeah, you’re a good 4-4/12 weeks out still. Flowering typically starts 7-14 days after light change.

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are better picture taken in natural light


Those are still youngsters! I don’t see any flower bracts or golden brown pistil hairs, sure there’s resin, but I can tell by the frosty reflection that it’s all clear as water and none of it’s milky, leave alone amber.

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They’re correct, you have a while. Keep them watered and feed properly for now.





se photos were taken yesterday, I think about a week left but will listen to my learned friends

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I’d day 2 to 3 weeks still left


Still alot of thick white hairs standing straight out


@Killadruid is spot on you got a few more weeks :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


I would say definitely more than a week. Post some pics back in a week or so and we’ll take a look, but I suspect a few weeks as well

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@enduser when all those white hairs get mostly amber and start to shrink then you are close. :v::call_me_hand:

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Taken last night, sunday

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What a difference a week makes