First time grower harvest questions

How do I know when my plants a ready to harvest? I planted my auto grow back on June 6. Here are you some current photos. Small but its my first time growing.I’m planning on doing a flush tomorrow with just water and a little molasses.


Still a lot of white pistils on her, I would wait until more of them turn a rust color and then start checking trichomes with a loup, magnifying glass, or digital microscope.


And next round try training her for a larger harvest


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Yours should fill out during the next week or 2, then the trichomes should start turning and hairs contracting. Give it 3 weeks, maybe 4

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Hi all,

I’m a first time grower. Planted my an autoflowering back in June, currently 4/5 weeks in after seeing its first flower.

I’m mindful that the hot weather has potentially resuted in popcorn buds, but I don’t want to get too eager and harvest if there is a chance they’ll grow any larger! Anyone with an experienced eye got any advice on this?

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Sorta… they got old

tah for this. So I should probably harvest?

TIP: next time leave more leaves on her. I did the same thing on my last grow. Being an autoflower taking that many leaves off of her probably put her in shock. More leaves help her to process more light. More light = more food uptake. More food = bigger buds. And train her. Training will keep her short and fat. If you need help on training autoflowers check out bill ward on youtube. He busts alot of myths about autoflowers