First time grower going on one month old

Got my seeds from GC, didn’t realize they would ALL germinate LOL. We are hydroponic and in 1 gallon buckets with grow lights, I used my aero garden the first 2 weeks and will be 2 weeks on Wednesday since we moved these girls to the buckets.

Durban Poison, Diesel, Critical Purple and Tangerine Dream seen here.

How are we looking? I feel like I am way out of my league here.:heart::seedling:


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Your biggest challenge is inadequate lighting. You need ~200 watts of quality lighting per plant to maximize harvest yield. Tell us about your lights, please.


I have 4 sets with 3 bulbs each, 250 watts on fruit setting for 16 hours a day….3 fans and natural light during the day too….Please advise to get best yield., thanks much!

Brand and model of the lights, please.

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They literally do not have anything on them except the lettering for the timers and brightness levels, no brand name and on Amazon, where I got them, the link no longer works, I got them in 2019 and have used them for veggies.


Got it. I can see from your pics that the color of the lighting has a purple hue. These style of lights are inadequate and these sellers should be banned from selling on Amazon. The lights are far less capable that the sellers claim and they are known for paying people to manipulate the reviews on Amazon (see below.)

You will need adequate lighting to flower your plants. The fact that there is so much space between the plant’s nodes indicate that lighting is inadequate. Recommend upgrading your lighting to lights built with Samsung LM301 diodes. Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer, and HLG all make good lights. You will need ~200 watts per plant of quality lighting to flower these plants. Any less will result in spindly plants with airy buds.


Do you recommend I go ahead and invest in a tent when I get the lights? I want to maximize what I can before it’s too late on these….or do you think it’s too late to save them?


Not necessarily. Good lighting will tighten up node spacing in a week or 2.

Yes. It’s far more simple to control the environment in a tent.


Thank you so much! I hope it’s not too late the light and tent won’t get here for a week so fingers crossed they will fill out still.


I’m betting the 250 watts is a made up number by manufacturer. I don’t think your plants would have that kind of node spacing if it’s true. Do they have a label on back or cord that lists voltage and current?

I agree with MidwestGuy that some better lighting would probably make a world of difference.


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“The fact that there is so much space between the plant’s nodes indicate that lighting is inadequate.”

Hey there, would you say that this is what you are referring to as well?

That is yesterday and this is just a different angle from today

Also sorry to jump in without having any input to give. i just was reading and got curious :sweat_smile:


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Hi @MidwestGuy the tent and lighting will arrive in a day or two. What schedule do you recommend for the lighting to get them filled out? Thanks.

Hey there, my tent and lighting system have arrived, what do you recommend for a lighting schedule? The girls started germinating on May 9th, thanks much!

18 on 6 off for autos for the lifecycle of the plant.

Thank you! Fingers crossed they will fill out.

Hey there! Thanks so much for the help, getting the tent really has made a huge improvement!!

I have some buds growing that have the large fan leaves on top of them, should I prune those so the buds get more light?

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us newbies!:palm_tree:

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Here are some pics, Critical Purple and auto-Tangerine Dream, and these are being grown hydroponically, I did not add that to my last post, thanks again!

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