First time grower germinating seeds

This is my first time growing and germinating seeds. I read that you can germinate seeds in water for up to 7 days. But I also read that a seed can’t go more then 24hrs In water or it will drown. Which of these 2 are true?

I’m trusting the 7 days only because I read it on this site lol. Any info will be helpful.

Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Soak it 24 hrs and then plant it in whatever medium you are growing in.
The 24 hrs is plenty to get the seed started even if you dont see a root yet it will come along if the seed is viable. Almost all of us here only leave them in the water one day. Any longer and you risk drowning or sometimes they just mold. Some put them on damp paper towels after the 24hr soak till they see a root but I dont like the extra handling of the seed. If its gonna grow waiting to see a root is pointless.


I would only add you can put a cap of peroxide in the water.


I do that also, Thanks @oldmarine

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Thank you for your help. Starting this today.

I go with the 24hrs in a cup of water. In the dark. Max 48 hrs and then the damp paper towl until they crack and start a bit ideally. Kind of like the one on the left. Paper towel is probably overkill and redudundant as Spiney noted. It’s after this stage that I generally start to kill off mine. :slight_smile: Good growing and welcome. Great help on here from these guys.

Can someone please help my plant is starting to Wilting what is causing this

Thank you and this is the best site I found. From what I’ve been reading everyone helps out. That’s great especially for all noobs like myself.

I only soak seeds for 24hours cause by then theres a tap root starting it journey

Not really seeing anything to be concerned with

Just make sure you’re watering properly which means on water feed days, doing a nice full watering (20% run off is best)

Then let the pot dry out before watering again

The pot should feel light when it’s time to water again

A little droop is normal, depending on time of day (for plant), when she was watered, etc

Your plants look fine to me though

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